Cedar Point: Visit #8
By: Kevin Michaels
August 18, 2015

It's a warm Wednesday morning and it is expected to be a hot one today. We didn't get to the park until 9:45am and they were doing security bag checks and checking people with metal detector wands. That tells me they are expecting large crowds today.

Raptor, 15 minute wait

We are still under the early entry umbrella, so we headed to Raptor. They said it was a 15 minute wait, but there wasn't one person in the station. We got right in on the front row and even got a re-ride as there was only two people trying to get in. Today's rides on Raptor were very good and not rough like our previous rides. Anne Marie said the ride gave her a headache, though.

Cedar Point: Visit #7
By: Kevin Michaels
August 18, 2015

We woke up on Tuesday morning in Sandusky and it was a downpour. With the heavy rains in the area, we took our time going to the park as we took a trip to Walmart to stock up on soda and snacks for the rest of our road trip. We pulled into the parking lot at 10am, missing our early entry opportunity, but what would have been open in the rain?

Gatekeeper, 15 minute wait

We headed over to Gatekeeper, which is the B&M winged coaster that flies over the front gate of the park. It looked like a little bit of a long line and we asked how long the wait was and they said it is only a 15 minute wait. It looked much longer than that and they aren't running all three trains. We got on the ride in 22 minutes.

Cedar Point: Visit #6
By: Kevin Michaels
July 17, 2015

It's Friday morning and this is our final visit to Cedar Point during this trip. I just can't get enough of this park as it is my favorite park to be at! The weather today is a little shifty as we started off very dismal with clouds, rain and wind. I wonder what rides will be open with this type of weather.

Gatekeeper hasn't moved once...

As we approached the park, Gatekeeper hasn't moved at all so it doesn't look like it will be open this morning. My original plan today was to start at Gatekeeper and work our way around toward Top Thrill Dragster but the weather foiled that plan.

Cedar Point: Visit #5
By: Kevin Michaels
July 16, 2015

Here we are back at Cedar Point on this beautiful Thursday morning! The park opens up to Platinum Season Passholders and also to those who are staying at Cedar Point Hotels. It didn't seem that crowded when we got there, but much like yesterday, I would expect the park to get pretty crowded today. It is such a beautiful and perfect day to be here at Cedar Point!

Raptor, 3rd & 4th people in line!

This doesn't happen very often, but it looks like we are going to be on the first ride of the day for Raptor. As we approached the ride, it looked like it wasn't going to be opened, but I noticed the ride attendant walking toward the entrance so I waited a second to see if they were going to open the ride. We were the 3rd and 4th person into the station, and we picked the front row for Raptor today.

Cedar Point: Visit #4
By: Kevin Michaels
July 15, 2015

It's Wednesday afternoon and this is our 4th visit to Cedar Point of the season. We are here for the next three days. It is very cool out and very dismal out with clouds and a chance of rain. Maybe we'll get lucky and the park won't be crowded.

1pm Arrival to Cedar Point

We arrived to the park around 1pm, and the park seemed pretty crowded for a Wednesday. I expected a lighter crowd during the week, but I guess I was wrong on that note. It is nice and cool out, which is a good thing.

Cedar Point: Visit #3
By: Kevin Michaels
July 4, 2015

First off, I just want to wish everyone a Happy & Safe 4th of July Weekend! Today is 4th of July and I expect this park to be a madhouse today. We are here for Early Entry into the park at 9am. As Platinum Passholders and guests staying on Cedar Point Property, you are granted one hour early access to the park.

Gatekeeper is up FIRST

OK, my goal today is to get the rides out of the way that we cannot bring our drink cups into the queue lines and Gatekeeper is one of them, so we went there first. There was a 4 train wait for the front row which isn't bad at all, but it would have been longer if we had gone somewhere else first and then came back to Gatekeeper.

Cedar Point: Visit #2
By: Kevin Michaels
July 3, 2015

It's Friday, July 3rd and I expect this place to be extremely packed today, but let's see. We met C.J. in the parking lot and his plan for the day was to get as many rides on Gatekeeper as he could before he had to start waiting. After that, he is headed off to Canada's Wonderland! Very awesome officially meeting him and we wish him a safe trip!

Millennium Force FIRST!

Our first ride of the day is going to be Millennium Force. I figured that if we want to get on this ride, we're going to have to do this first. The line wasn't long at all because we had come in during Early Entry at 9am, but I'd expect the line to get really long here today. There was a two train wait for the second row. The front row had a really long line, so we settled for the second row.

Cedar Point: Visit #1
By: Kevin Michaels
July 2, 2015

Today was a quick visit to Cedar Point as we got to the park around 7pm and stayed until it closed at 10pm. This was our first visit of the season. Tomorrow and Saturday will be visits two and three!

As we arrived to the park, we noticed that Gatekeeper was stuck on the lift hill. It could have been stopped on the lift hill for various reasons; technical difficulties or someone had their phone out on the ride. I didn't notice any ride operators walking up the lift and as we approached the park, the ride began to operate again.

Cedar Point: All Season Dining!
Platinum Dining; New for 2015!

We here at Theme Park Maniacs are Platinum Season Pass Holders to Cedar Fair Parks. Beginning in 2015, All Season Dining became available for all of the Cedar Fair Parks, which means that if you purchase the Platinum Dining Pass, you are entitled to two meals per park visit at each of the Cedar Fair parks! My Platinum season pass renewal for 2015 with Platinum dining cost a total of $293.44 after taxes. With as many times as we visit Cedar Fair parks, it is well worth it. Parking is also included with the Platinum pass.

Cedar Point: Slingshot
Manufactured by: Funtime

Slingshot is a high thrill paid attraction that was manufactured by a company called Funtime and it opened up at Cedar Point during the 2014 operating season. Climb into a two person "ball" and get launched 360 feet into the air!

Cedar Point: Woodstock's Whirlybirds
Manufactured by: Zamperla

And the Tea Cups! The Woodstock Whirlybirds is a smaller version of the Tea Cups, manufactured by Zamperla, themed for Planet Snoopy at Cedar Point. Get in your individual "nest" and give it a spin. Just like the Tea Cups, there is a disk in the center of the ride, enabling you to spin the ride even more.

This is a kiddie ride, therefore it is a less thrilling ride than the real Tea Cups. The ride itself is smaller, the cup is smaller and the ride doesn't spin as fast.

Cedar Point: Witches Wheel
Manufactured by: Huss

Also known as the Enterprise at other theme parks, this is the Witches Wheel. The Witches Wheel was manufactured by Huss and opened up at Cedar Point in 1977! Riders are seated in a two-person cage and the ride itself spins around and lifts into the air to almost a vertical position! Riders are spun upside down as thrill ride is in motion!

Cedar Point: Waveswinger
Manufactured by: Arrow Dynamics

The Waveswinger is another classic ride at theme parks and boardwalks alike. This ride was manufactured by Josepf Zierer and opened up at Cedar Point in 1979! This swing ride will spin you around and have you feel like you're floating in mid-air!

The ride review

Like I said, this ride is a classic ride at amusement parks all over the world. While this is a 'low thrill' attraction, it is still a lot of fun.

Cedar Point: Turnpike Cars
Manufactured by: Arrow Dynamics

Much like the Cadillac Cars and the Antique Cars, this is another version of this ride but with a different style of cars. This ride is affixed to a track that you cannot drive away from and it goes at a slow speed but it is a great ride for small kids to give them a feel of driving a vehicle!

The ride review

We never actually rode the Turnpike Cars at Cedar Point but we rode the Cadillac Cars, which is the same idea. These cars have a sporty look to them, but are not any faster than the other two versions of this ride.

Cedar Point: Troika
Manufactured by: Huss

We like to call this ride Air Scrambler! This is a ride very similar to the Scrambler, but it raises you up in the air 25 feet off the ground as it spins you around. Also known as Triple Spin at other theme parks, Troika will spin you around, around and around!

This ride was manufactured by Huss and was opened up at Cedar Point in 1976. Troika has three giant arms that have a total of 7 cars on each arm. The ride itself will spin in one direction as the arm your car is attached to spins in another direction. While the ride spins around, your cars will rock back and forth!

Cedar Point: Tilt a Whirl
Manufactured by: Selner

The Tilt a Whirl is a classic spinning ride at amusement parks and boardwalks alike. This particular one was manufactured by a company called Selner and it is located in the Camp Snoopy section of the park. This entire ride will spin around on a platform with hills and your individual car will spin as the ride is in motion. Sometimes it will spin very fast or not much at all, making each ride a different experience!

The ride review

We have not ridden this Tilt a Whirl at Cedar Point, but just like any other Tilt a Whirl, you're in for a fun and spinny ride! Hold onto your lunch because this ride could get intense!

Cedar Point: Thunder Canyon
Manufactured by: Mack Rides

Thunder Canyon is a white water rafting ride, manufactured by Intamin and opened up in 1986 at Cedar Point! This ride will spin you through the winding, rough river rapids! You'll pass by waterfalls, rock walls and the rough waters will splash water up into your boat!

The ride review

This is a water ride that you will get wet on and it is a perfect ride to cool off on during a hot summer day at Cedar Point! Rapids rides are always a fun ride but you'll get a better experience on this ride at night in the dark!

Cedar Point: Super Himalaya
Manufactured by: Mack Rides

Super Himalaya is a classic amusement ride manufactured by Mack Rides that opened up at Cedar Point in 1970. This ride is better known as Musik Express at other theme parks and/or boardwalks. Super Himalaya is seated on a circular track that spins in a clockwise motion up and down hills as it goes around!

The ride review

This particular version of this ride isn't very good at all in my opinion. It is a decent family ride, but it seemed like one of the slower versions of the Musik Express ride that I have been on. I would also like to note that this ride does not go in reverse like the boardwalk versions.

Cedar Point: Snake River Falls
Manufactured by: S&S Power, Inc.

Snake River Falls is the splashdown boat ride at Cedar Point, manufactured by Arrow Dynamics and opened up at the park in 1993. This giant boat will bring you up a lift hill to a height of 82 feet with an 80 foot drop at 40 MPH! When you hit the bottom, you'll get DRENCHED with a giant splashdown!

The ride review

This is a really good ride to get cool off on during a hot summer day at Cedar Point. This ride will start off slow but once you get to the top and around the bend, you'll come down with a giant splashdown and get soaked!

Cedar Point: Skyhawk
Manufactured by: S&S Power, Inc.

Skyhawk is the world's tallest swing ride, manufactured by S&S Power, Inc. that opened up in 2006 at Cedar Point! This Screamin' Swing ride will bring you as high as 125 feet at a speed of 60 MPH on two giant swinging arms!

The ride review

Skyhawk is one of the best flat rides at Cedar Point. This is a giant swing ride and it is a TON of fun! You can make each ride a different experience depending on how you ride. Tighten your lap bar or leave it loose and get a lot of airtime, it's your choice but make the best of Skyhawk because you'll definitely love this giant swing ride.

Cedar Point: Sky Ride
Manufactured by: Von Roll Ltd.

The Sky Ride is a family favorite at Cedar Point that was manufactured by Von Roll Ltd. and opened up in 1961. This Sky Ride will take you across the park, giving you one of the best and most relaxing views of Cedar Point.

The ride review

Just like any Sky Ride, we like to have all sorts of fun on this ride. We make faces and yell at the other cars as they pass us by in the sky. In addition, you'll get an awesome view of Cedar Point as it takes you across the park.

Cedar Point: Shoot the Rapids
Manufactured by: Eli Bridge Company

Shoot the Rapids is a log flume with a little bit of a roller coaster feel to it. This ride was manufactured by Intamin and opened up at Cedar Point in 2010. This ride will bring you up a chain lift hill to a height of 85 feet with an 85 foot drop. As it takes you on a journey through the rustic western environment, you'll reach a second lift hill that will bring you up to 49 feet high. Both drops are at a 45 degree angle and depending on where you sit will depend on how wet you get on the ride!

Cedar Point: Scrambler
Manufactured by: Eli Bridge Company

The Scrambler is a classic spinning ride manufactured by the Eli Bridge Company that opened up at Cedar Point in 1970. This entire ride will spin around in one direction as your cars will spin in the opposite direction, hence the name the Scrambler!

The ride review

The Scrambler at Cedar Point is one of the best Scrambler rides I have been on. Many are going to say "Well, what's the difference between this one and the one at Kings Dominion?" The position of this ride is the difference!

Cedar Point: Power Tower
Manufactured by: S&S Worldwide

Power Tower is a combination of two rides; a Space Shot ride and a Turbo Drop ride, manufactured by S&S Worldwide and opened up at Cedar Point in 1998. Power Tower has a total of 4 towers, two of which will launch you up known as the Space Shot and the other two are the Turbo Drop rides. Both rides operate at a height of 240 feet; Space Shot will launch you up at over 50 MPH to the top of the tower and the Turbo Drop will drop you down at over 50 MPH!

Cedar Point: Ocean Motion
Manufactured by: Huss

Ocean Motion is a swinging ship ride at Cedar Point and was manufactured by Huss. Ocean Motion will rock you back and forth until it reaches a maximum height of 65 feet.

The ride review

Swinging ship rides are classic rides at amusement parks and boardwalks alike. This is a low thrill family ride but it may take some getting use to as some people get "sea sick" on this ride. Ocean Motion does not go upside down.

Cedar Point: Monster
Manufactured by: Eyerly Aircraft Corporation

The Monster is a spinning ride that will spin you, raise you, lower you and spin you some more as the ride is in full speed! The Monster has 5 arms with 4 cars attached to it. The actual ride will spin you around and lift you up and down as each individual car will spin at it's own speed, depending on the weight in the car!

The ride review

The Monster is a classic amusement park ride and is always a lot of fun. If you can handle spinning rides, the Monster is for you. There are times that the Monster will spin extremely fast while other times it won't spin very fast at all. Each ride is a different experience!

Cedar Point: Midway Carousel
Manufactured by: Daniel Mueller

The Midway Carousel is one of the first rides that you will see when you enter the front of Cedar Point. This is a classic amusement park ride around the world, also known as the Merry Go Round. This particular version features 60 painted horses and chariots that will take you through Cedar Point's history! This attraction has been at Cedar Point since the 1940s!

The ride review

Just like any Carousel ride, this is a classic. Take a trip back to the past before rides were as thrilling as they are today; take a ride on the Midway Carousel. This is a great ride for children but also an excellent ride for adults to bring themselves back to their childhood.

Cedar Point: maXair
Manufactured by: Huss Park Attractions

maXair is a Giant Frisbee ride at Cedar Point manufactured by Huss Park Attractions! This giant pendulum opened up at the park in 2005 and is one of the most popular flat rides at the park.

maXair will rock you back and forth and bring you to a maximum height of 140 feet and spin you around as the ride will reach a speed of 70 MPH!

Cedar Point: Matterhorn
Manufactured by: Mack Rides

Matterhorn is a spinning ride manufactured by Mack Rides that the cars rock back and forth as the ride spins at full speed! This is a classic ride that you'll find at amusement parks and boardwalks alike. This particular version is named after the Pennine Alps.

The ride review

This is a family thrill ride that spins at a high speed and goes up a small hill as it goes around. While the ride spins in motion, the cars you are seated in will rock back and forth. This is a fun flat ride at Cedar Point!

Cedar Point: Lake Erie Eagles
Manufactured by: Larson International, Inc.

The Lake Erie Eagles is a children's ride at Cedar Point. This ride opened up in 2014 as a new attraction and it is located across from Pipe Scream. Take a flight on the Lake Erie Eagles and control just how high you fly!

The ride review

This particular version of the Lake Erie Eagles is more geared towards children. They have a tight fit with two people compared to the ones at the other theme parks. This is still a fun ride, but not the best we've been on. Children will get a kick out of this spinning ride.

Cedar Point, America's Roller Coast. This is one of the best theme parks in the United States of America and one of the favorites of the Theme Park Maniacs. We visited Cedar Point for the first time in May of 2013 and we had a blast. When people hear Cedar Point, they think of roller coasters such as Top Thrill Dragster, Millennium Force which is my personal favorite and Magnum XL 200!

Our visit to Cedar Point in 2013 actually triggered us to become "Theme Park Maniacs." Knowing that we were visiting Cedar Point, I debated on whether or not to get a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass which would get us into any of the Cedar Fair parks and it also pays for parking. With that knowledge, I decided that we would be going to Dorney Park and I pushed for my friends to go to Kings Island with us.

Cedar Point is just an amazing theme park and my favorite roller coaster resides there and that is Millennium Force. Millennium Force is an extremely popular roller coaster and the wait times for that high thrill ride have been as long as 2 and a half hours. I would never wait that long for a roller coaster. In 2013, we went to Cedar Point a total of 6 visits and being that we went that many times, we had to pick and choose the right times to get on certain roller coasters.

Not only did Millennium Force have extremely long lines but the other awesome roller coasters in the park had really long lines too. The Top Thrill Dragster, the Gatekeeper which opened up in 2013 and Magnum XL 200 are among some of the top roller coasters in the park. While Millennium Force is my favorite coaster, there is another intense and awesome roller coaster in the park and that one goes by the name of Maverick. This particular coaster will also have very long wait times.

In addition to all of the steel coasters in the park, Cedar Point also features three wooden roller coasters. They are Mean Streak, Gemini and Blue Streak. Our favorite one of the three is Mean Streak. While it is a rough ride, this coaster really means business. At 65 MPH and a 3 minute and 13 second ride, how could you pass up the Mean Streak?

If you haven't had a chance to visit Cedar Point, I strongly suggest you put this on your to do list. In 2013, we made 6 individual visits to Cedar Point and we plan to do at least 6 visits in 2014. If you're a roller coaster fanatic, this is the place to be because this is America's Roller Coast! Besides the roller coasters, there are a lot of other awesome rides in the park such as Pipe Scream that just opened up in 2014, Matterhorn, the Scrambler, MaXair (AWESOME RIDE), Power Tower (drop tower), the Monster, the Witches Wheel and MORE!

I would strongly recommend this park for anyone because they have a little bit of something for everyone. From the high thrill roller coasters for the coaster enthusiasts to the smaller roller coasters for the beginners to rides like the Scrambler or the Ferris Wheel and to Snoopy land, there is simply something for everyone.

Cedar Point receives a review of: THIS IS AWESOME!!

This is the Gatekeeper. A winged coaster at the front gate!