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Luna Park @ Coney Island: Visit #1
By: Kevin Michaels
July 19, 2014

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Luna Park in Coney Island. Coney Island is a place that I've always heard bad things about. I've heard that it's a hellhole, scary and a place that you don't want to be. I've even seen it featured in movies and video games as the worst place to be. They have been trying to rebuild this place and turn it back into what it once was. While it wasn't the best place to be, we still had a really good time and have a lot to talk about here.

What's New in 2015?!

Luna Park has not announced any new attractions as of yet for the 2015 operating season. Two attractions are being removed and they are the Beach Shack, which was a stationary spinning ride designed for children. In addition, the Sky Coaster is also being removed. It is unknown what is being put in their place, but once we find out we will be sure to post it up here on the site!

Planning a Trip to Coney Island?

Are you planning a trip to Luna Park @ Coney Island? We here at the Theme Park Maniacs can give you a few tips. I'm not going to lie and act like I've been to Coney Island a bunch of times because we have only been to the place once in our entire lives.

We're here for the rides...

The good thing about a boardwalk style theme park is that not everyone is there for the rides. It is much different than Six Flags or Cedar Fair parks because when you go to those parks, most of the time people are there just to get on the rides. At boardwalks, there is so much more to do to keep people occupied, but we go to places like this for the rides.

Manufactured By: Zamperla

Thunderbolt is the newest attraction at Coney Island. Thunderbolt is actually the name of an old wooden roller coaster that was here at Coney Island and after years of that ride being out of the picture, the folks at Coney Island decided to utilize the same name for their new ride, a steel roller coaster.

This ride was manufactured by Zamperla and has a vertical chain lift hill that will bring you 125 feet high at a maximum speed of 65 MPH with 4 inversions! The roller coaster itself was a decent ride, but the thing that hurt it was the restraint system this ride uses.

Soarin' Eagle
Manufactured By: Zamperla

Soarin' Eagle is a really strange ride. I actually came off this ride calling it "Superman and Green Lantern's fucked up love child." First you stand, then you lay. What is this?

This roller coaster is a unique experience at Coney Island and while it was a strange, nerve wracking ride, it was actually pretty fun because it was something different.

Manufactured By: Harry C. Baker

The Coney Island Cyclone is one of the oldest wooden roller coasters around. The Cyclone was opened up on June 26, 1927! This wooden coaster was manufactured by Harry C. Baker and designed by Vernon Keenan. Can you handle one of the oldest wooden coasters around? This woodie will bring you as high as 85 feet with an 85 foot drop at a maximum speed of 60 MPH!

When we approached the Cyclone, we couldn't figure out where to find the entrance but we just followed the wall until we found the entrance. This was a terrifying experience. We've heard many different stories about the Cyclone and how rough it could be and by looking at it, it really looked like an ancient style roller coaster. The ride operators were using old time style hand brakes to stop the ride in the station.

Coney Island is a place with a lot of history behind it both good and bad. Coney has had a bad reputation for years and we had never gone there but we had heard that the amusement park was purchased by new owners and they have attempted to clean it up and give it a better reputation. As a child, we've always gone to Wildwood, New Jersey for our amusements and when we made a trip there in July of 2014 with our friends Chris & Terri, we agreed to visit the park that he had gone to as a youngster and that was Coney Island.

Now known as Luna Park for the attractions, we made our way to Coney Island. The trip wasn't nearly as long as I thought it would be. When we think of New York, we think of it being pretty far away but it wasn't all that far at all. We actually travel a lot further when we go to Pennsylvania for Dorney & Hershey Park. As we pulled up to Coney Island's amusements, it did seem a little nerve-wracking. It wasn't like any of the typical theme parks we were accustomed to.

In our travels, theme parks and boardwalks that we have gone to have had 'all day wristband' or 'all day park entry' which would get you unlimited rides on anything you wanted to ride. Coney Island? This was a little bit different. We had to actually purchase tickets to get on each ride. Some rides could take up to 6 tickets or more per ride. Prior to coming, we had looked up Luna Park and had seen that they had wrist band deals. Good, right? Not so fast. The day before we had planned on going, I had checked on their website for their wrist band deals and it turns out that they only do the wrist bands during the week and for only four hours at a time.

Well that stinks, it looks like we're going to be spending a lot of money here at Coney Island. We already made plans to go here and it was something different to do than our typical theme park, but let's watch New York shank us for our money. Oh well, we know better for next time. Some of the rides and attractions at Coney Island were actually pretty cool and unique. One of the rides was a "Soarin' Eagle" ride and you start out standing up in the gondola and then the ride lays you down as it goes. Wow, that was weird. I called this one Superman and Green Lantern's fucked up love child!

Coney had a lot of decent flat rides that we had either never been on before or had missed because they were removed from some of the theme parks. Our favorites were the Luna 360, Electro Spin as far as flat rides! Thunderbolt 2014 was a decent ride but the restraint for the ride is TERRIBLE. Normally a restraint won't come down and crush things in your pockets if you have cargo pants and put your items in a cargo pocket on your LEG but this one? Yeah, it did. Our friend Chris had put his cellphone in his cargo pockets and the restraint actually came down and smashed his phone. On top of that, the shoulder restraint is a seatbelt that rubs against your neck and tears your neck apart during each ride. Not fun!

We stayed for half the day at Coney Island and just wanted to experience it. Would we go back? Yes and no. If they adjust their pricing options and give us the availability to ride all the rides unlimited all day like normal theme parks we would. Until they do that, we will not be returning to Coney Island. It's just not worth the expense. Let's just put it this way; it cost us 9 dollars a person to ride the Coney Island Cyclone and 7 dollars a person for the Wonder Wheel.