Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #62
By: Kevin Michaels
October 4, 2015

We woke up in Virginia this morning near Kings Dominion. Yesterday, we spent a portion of the day at Kings Dominion in the rain, getting a lot of good rides in. We had no intention to visit the park today because the last time we did that on a Sunday, the drive home turned into a nightmare. After leaving early enough to get home at 12:30pm, we quickly unloaded the car and hopped right back in the car to head out to Jackson.

Main goal? Free food!

After the 4 and a half hour drive home from Virginia, you build up an appetite so our main goal is to eat, maybe get a ride or two in, grab dinner and head home to rest up for work tomorrow morning!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #61
By: Kevin Michaels
September 27, 2015

Happy Sunday, everyone! We are back at Six Flags Great Adventure for a few hours. It is chilly, cloudy and windy out this morning. Hopefully the sun peeks out for a little while to bring some warmth to this place today.

Batman Backwards first

We met up with C.J. and went to Batman Backwards first. Good ride, but much better at night.

The Dark Knight Coaster

After Batman, we grabbed a ride on the Dark Knight and they were nice enough to let us skip the pre-show.

Nitro, walk on

As we approached Nitro, we noticed the ride was stopped on the lift and they had sent a worker up because someone had their phone out. We got two rides on Nitro without having to get off.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #60
By: Kevin Michaels
September 26, 2015

Today is our 60th visit to Six Flags Great Adventure! It seems like a perfect day to be here, however I fully expect this place to be a zoo today.

Safari Off Road Adventure

Our first ride of the day is the Safari Off Road Adventure. We met up with Sheri, Mike and their friend and ours now, Jill. It has been a while since we have done the Safari, we will be missing some of the Safari due to a marathon going on in the Safari.

Kickin' Chicken for Lunch

We headed to Kickin' Chicken for lunch and we were told that we get two lunches each, one on the 2015 dining and the other on 2016 dining. Awesome. #TeamFatAss for the win. We got a snack right after lunch.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #59
By: Kevin Michaels
September 20, 2015

It's Sunday morning and we headed out to Six Flags Great Adventure for a few hours! Yesterday was an extremely long day at Dorney Park but it was fun and well worth it!

Park opens at 11am

Now that we are in Fright Fest hours, the park doesn't open until 11am. Saturday nights, Great Adventure stays open until almost midnight and closes at 10pm on Sundays. The park will not be open on Friday nights until October 2nd. Check the website or the Six Flags App for all of the updated park hours.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #58
By: Kevin Michaels
September 12, 2015

Today is my 58th visit to the park and while I still try to recover from whatever I've come down with, I will be taking it easy. Today is the Riding of the Bull Event with ACE and we have ERT on Nitro from 9:30am to 10:30am.

Behind the Scenes Tours

This morning, we will have behind the scenes tours of Kingda Ka, Zumanjaro and Bizarro and those tours begin at 10:45am.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #57
By: Kevin Michaels
September 3, 2015

It's another hot day, I don't feel well but I am going to Six Flags Great Adventure with the sole purpose of renewing my season pass for $64.99 and to add dining to my pass. If this is done during the Flash Sale, you will get a free upgrade to Gold on both passes! The Gold Season Pass will get you parking included all Season and the Gold Dining Pass will get you a free 2016 Free Refills All Season!

Total Mayhem, new for 2016

The park officially announced this morning that Total Mayhem will be the new roller coaster for 2016! This is a 4D free fly coaster. Check out our main page for all the news on the season passes and the new roller coaster for 2016!

2016 Season Passes and Gold Dining Passes on SALE!
By: Kevin Michaels
September 3, 2015

Beginning today is the sale of the 2016 Season Dining Plan! Now through Labor Day, everyone gets GOLD DINING for just $84.99 which includes National Dining at ANY Six Flags Theme Park and Hurricane Harbor (NJ only). In addition, guests now have the option to switch their lunch or dinner voucher for a participating program snack incase they were not interested in getting a full meal with their voucher. In additio to the National Dining and the option to switch a meal for a snack, 2016 Gold Dining Plan holders will also receive a 2016 Free Refills All Season Long sports bottle, which is the 2015 "Green Cup" but in 2016, it will be blue.

As a friendly reminder, the park is NOT SELLING the 2016 Blue Sports Bottle, only those who purchase the 2016 Gold Season Pass Dining Plan will be able to redeem their e-coupon for the sports bottle.

Total Mayhem Will Ensue in 2016
Six Flags Great Adventure to Debut the
Most Insane Coaster in Its History

JACKSON, N.J. -- September 3, 2015 -- Six Flags Great Adventure will dominate as the king of chaos in 2016 when the world's largest theme park debuts the 14th and most unique scream machine in its history, Total Mayhem.

After being lifted straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill, this 4-D, free-fly coaster will wreak havoc as riders flip head-over-heels at least six times along the weightless journey. Thrill seekers will experience exhilarating leaps and dives along a horizontal plane, along with unexpected drops as they tumble from one level to the next. The wing seats amp up the pandemonium since riders will experience all of this chaos with no track above or below - just the sky, ground and adjacent Great Lake churning around them.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #56
By: Kevin Michaels
September 1, 2015

It's a hot day at almost 90 degrees and we are in the final full week of operation for Six Flags Great Adventure! This is my 56th visit of the season and we still have a long way to go!

Granny's Kitchen for Lunch

I decided to change it up a little bit by going to Granny's Chicken for lunch and getting a Grilled Chicken Salad. Yea, you heard right, a Grilled Chicken Salad. One thing I find to be very annoying at Granny's is every time someone comes through the door, it SLAMS. That is extremely annoying and I wish they would do something to fix the doors here.

Six Flags Great Adventure
Secret Project: 2016!
(Six Flags Corporate - Dallas, Texas)
Submitted by: S.R.

What's the latest news going on at Six Flags Great Adventure? This Thursday morning, Six Flags Great Adventure will make their official announcement of the new attraction at the park for 2016! In addition, the 2016 Season Passes will go on sale! As of right now, we don't have any pricing information but if last year's Labor Day Sale is any indication, now is the time to get your Season Pass!

Our friend who has bee in contact with the Six Flags Corporate Team out of Dallas, Texas has given us one more tidbit of information about the new attraction at the park. Anyone up for a little color scheme for the new attraction? We are being told that the color scheme for the new attraction will be TWO TONED... RED and ORANGE! I know this isn't breaking news, but it could be a little hint of what's to come!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #55
By: Kevin Michaels
August 30, 2015

Who visits Six Flags Great Adventure 55 times in a season? Maniacs do, that's who and the season isn't even over yet!

As a reminder...

After today, Hurricane Harbor will be closed during the week and there are only 3 more days of operation as the summer season is coming to an end! September 19th will begin the fall season of Fright Fest and that goes through November 1st. After that, the park will shut down for the season but open back up for Holiday in the Park on November 21st. Holiday in the Park will finish up on January 3rd and we are hearing that the 2016 operating season will begin at the end of March. That is unconfirmed right now, though.

Keansburg Amusement Park: Visit #1
Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #54
Date: 8/28/15
By: Kevin Michaels

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon, a perfect day to go to a park. Today, we are going to change it up a little bit by taking a quick trip to Keansburg Amusement Park. I understand this place suffered at the wrath of Hurricane Sandy but they are picking up the pieces and moving forward!

Free ticket to Keansburg?

This past January, I attended Winter Adventure at Six Flags Great Adventure and won a free ticket to Keansburg Amusement Park and that is what brings me here. I understand this is a very small local park, but why not check it out? For those of you wondering or keeping count, this will be the 23rd different park that I have been to this year! Crazy, right?

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #53
By: Kevin Michaels
August 27, 2015

We are nearing the end of the week as it is Thursday afternoon, 82 degrees and cloudy. It's a great day to go to the park! I wonder how the crowds will be?

Hurricane Harbor, weekends only!

As a reminder, Hurricane Harbor will begin a weekend only schedule after this week and the park officially closes for the season at the end of the operating day on September 7th to cap off Labor Day Weekend! That leaves you only 6 more days of operation at the Harbor starting tomorrow!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #52
By: Kevin Michaels
August 26, 2015

Happy Hump Day! It sure seems like a good day for some Camel Humps on Nitro, or how about a much bigger Hump on Kingda Ka? Either way, it seems like a perfect day to go to the park, which means it's probably going to be crowded!

What are you, the Weatherman?

Yes actually, I am. Today, it is 82 degrees and sunny. It isn't nearly as hot as it was yesterday and the humidity is way lower than it was yesterday. It should be a much more enjoyable day here at Great Adventure, but that also depends on the crowds here at the park.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #51
By: Kevin Michaels
August 25, 2015

It's hot, muggy and there is a chance of scattered showers. Despite that, why not spend the afternoon at Six Flags Great Adventure? This week and next week are the final two weeks of daily operation! After Labor Day, the park will drop the schedule down to Saturdays and Sundays only until October 2nd. October 2nd, the park will be open from Friday through Sunday for Fright Fest!

September 19th, Fright Fest begins!

Don't be confused, Fright Fest does begin on September 19th but the park will not have any Fridays open until October 2nd!

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #50
By: Kevin Michaels
August 24, 2015

It's 87 degrees and clouding up at 3pm, not a bad time to make our 50th visit to Six Flags Great Adventure, our home away from home!

Coca Cola Freestyle

Upon entering the park, Anne Marie went to grab some lunch and I tried to get a drink at Coca Cola Freestyle but the line wasn't moving. People are way too stupid when using these machines. It's soda, not rocket science. You pick your flavor and dispense. I understand there are a lot of flavors, but when there is a long line, there is no need to take all day. Just pick a drink and move along. In addition, this park really needs several locations for the Coca Cola Freestyle Machines. One location with two machines that never have ice is not enough.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #49
By: Kevin Michaels
August 12, 2015

It's a beautiful day for Six Flags Great Adventure. I expect today's visit to be brief and uneventful as we have to start packing for our 10 day vacation and theme park tour. We met up with our friends Ricky and Mike.

Kingda Ka, down!

Our first ride of the day is Kingda Ka. The park seems pretty crowded at this point in the day. As we approached Kingda Ka, we noticed it was closed down.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #48
By: Kevin Michaels
August 11, 2015

Who goes to Great Adventure on a rainy day? This guy. On a morning that I had to sit in court over a traffic violation, it was time to head to the park! Today's forecast is thunderstorms and rain on and off all day, but it doesn't matter. Sometimes days like this are the best days to be at theme parks because the rain often keeps the crowds away.

Rain, rain, go away?

By the time I got to the park, the rain had stopped but it seemed really muggy out. Hurricane Harbor looked to be closed, but I could not confirm that. There was no line coming into the ticket gates, but each line was taking forever due to guests not knowing how to process their passes or use the finger scanner. I wound up switching lines 3 times!

Six Flags Great Adventure... one of our favorite places to be. From March 23rd to July 1st, we visited the park a whopping 17 times and madness ensued each time we visited Great Adventure. We are Premium Season Pass Holders and we also purchased the Dining Pass and Season Parking. Premium Season Passes will get you into all three of the parks; The actual theme park, the Safari which you now get on from inside the theme park in one of their trucks and Hurricane Harbor, which is their water park. I don't really do water parks, so I haven't been into the Hurricane Harbor and have not tried the new Safari yet due to the long lines. As a premium season pass holder, we can get into the park 10 minutes early.

What is there to do in the first ten minutes? Well, you get an extra ten minutes to get to your desired location. Most people shoot right over to Kingda Ka, but based on my experiences Kingda Ka usually isn't opened till 11am which to me is a waste of 40 minutes waiting for the ride to open. The first thing I do when I get into the park is go over to the Boardwalk section to one of the food places and fill up my drinks. Then we head over to the Superman and Green Lantern area. For some reason, Green Lantern seems to always be the first ride opened, so we hit that one first.

After that, we head over to Superman. In my opinion, Superman is a good ride but it is really not worth the wait of a long line. If I don't get on the ride in the morning while there's no line, I won't get on the ride at all. After that, we take a walk over to the Kingda Ka section and get on that ride once or twice depending on the length of the lines. If you haven't been on Kingda Ka and are afraid of it, nut up and give it a try. It's an extreme rush and it's safe. Yeah, it's scary and out of control but it's well worth the visit.

Next stop on the agenda is Bizarro where I made quite the name for myself with my crazy antics. Bizarro is really where it all began. Earlier this season when it was a quiet night, we decided to start making some noise by yelling "ONE MORE TIME, ONE MORE TIME" when the train came back into the station. Believe it or not, it worked! Of course, we made more noise after that yelling "THIS IS AWESOME, THIS IS AWESOME!" I've rode that ride 8-10 times in a row early in the season when the lines are short. There have been times where the train comes back into the station and because there is no one waiting on the line, you are able to ride again. Props to our friends over at Bizarro, Kevin, Tyler, Eddie, Brooke (Even though you're now in Bugs Bunny National Park!), Boss (We miss you!), Kyle, Sal and Rachel! They are a hard working crew and keep things flowing quickly and smoothly. I am YET to see Bizarro break down but I was told that if it did break down that I would be called over to entertain the crowd. THIS IS AWESOME.

Our next stop? Lunch. Normally by this time it's about lunch time and with our dining pass, we are allowed to eat lunch between 12pm to 3pm. Any later than that and we will have to pay for our food until dinner time starts. Our stop for lunch is right by the log flume. We will either hit the log flume and go to lunch right next to the flume, or just go straight to lunch. The log flume isn't a must and you aren't guaranteed to get wet on that ride so it's a hit or a miss. Best of the West is right next to the log flume and we usually stop there for lunch. Their pulled pork is really good!

After lunch, we will take a walk over to the Sky Ride which is right next to the Runaway Mine Train. I haven't tried to get on the Runaway Mine Train this season because the last time I was on it, it was such a tight fit and I got such a bad cramp while I was on the ride and I really don't want to experience that again. After going to Hershey Park and going on their "mine train" ride called Trailblazer, I should give the Runaway Mine Train a whirl. Once we get on the Sky Ride, I make a lot of noise and attempt to scare the other Sky Riders on the way to the other side of the park. Once you get off the Sky Ride, you can either head to Skull Mountain or to Nitro. We usually attempt to head over to Nitro but if the line is too long we'll wander around for other nearby rides like Batman, Skull Mountain or the Dark Knight.

After wandering around this area for a period of time and hitting the rides, we'll walk back to the other side of the park and hit some of the smaller rides along the way. If the Ferris Wheel has a short enough line we'll get on it. There's also the Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, Deja Vu (Scrambler), the Enchanted Tea Cups and the Sky Screamer. The Sky Screamer is also another ride that I have not given a try yet. I'm nervous for two reasons; that I won't fit on the ride and the chains seem a little thin. Will those little chains hold my big ass? I really don't want to wait on a long line only to find out that I won't fit. I guess I should try to go there first one time.

If you haven't been to Six Flags Great Adventure it's well worth the visit... Over and over and over and over again. I do have one puzzling question about Great Adventure. What the hell happened to the Movietown section of the park? There use to be a lot of shows going on over there and they've removed a lot of the rides and only replaced it with one, which is basically just an amped up Wild mouse ride. When I visited the park in 2006, that section had the Batman and Robin Chiller Rides (Broken down each time I went, though.) The Movietown Water Effects, which I'm very pissed off that they removed because I loved standing on that bridge and getting whacked with an impressive amount of water. Stuntman's Free Fall, which I could do with or without. Although I did go on the Free Fall at Dorney Park and feel that Great Adventure could use a ride like it. Also, the Musik Express and Enterprise were removed as well. Sometimes smaller rides like that are necessary and one that I really miss is the Pendulum Ride that use to be around where Deja Vu is now.

Overall, Six Flags Great Adventure gets a THUMBS UP and "THIS IS AWESOME" remarks from this team of Theme Park Maniacs!