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Planning a Trip to Hershey Park?!

Are you planning a trip to Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania? Here are a few tips from the Theme Park Maniacs! As of the end of 2014, we made a total of 5 visits to Hershey Park. While we are not Hershey Park experts, we can share our view of the park and how we do things around the park!

Arrive Early...

Hershey Park is a very popular theme park in the area and it will get crowded. I strongly suggest you arrive early so you can get a good parking spot and get an early start on the roller coasters at the park.

Hersheypark & Chocolate World
What's new in 2015?!

Laff Trakk is Hershey Park's newest attraction and 13th roller coaster at the park. This is an indoor roller coaster. Laff Trakk will be the first indoor, spinning, glow coaster in the United States. This ride is being considered a roller coaster fun house!

Hersheypark: The Whip
Manufactured by: W.F. Mangels Company

The Whip is a ride that will bring your parents and grandparents back to their time in an amusement park. This is an amusement park ride that people have been enjoying since the early 1900s. It is a simple but fun ride. This ride was manufactured by the W.F. Mangels Company and it opened up at Hershey Park in 1997.

This ride will take you around an oval track and on each of the turns, it will whip around the corner, hence the name the Whip. This is not an intense spinning ride and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Hersheypark: Wave Swinger
Manufactured by: Zierer

The Wave Swinger is a spinning swing ride at Hershey Park manufactured by Zierer and it opened up at the park in 1982. This ride will lift riders off the ground as the structure in the middle raises up in the air, tilts and spins giving riders a swinging and waving sensation.

This is a classic family ride that has been around amusement parks for years. It is a great ride to bring the children on. If you cannot handle spinning rides, you may want to pass on this one.

Hersheypark: Twin Turnpike
Manufactured by: Arrow Development

The Twin Turnpike is a scaled down car ride at Hershey Park, manufactured by Arrow Development and it opened up at the park in 1975.

There are two different tracks and two different versions of this ride. One is the Sunoco Classic Cars and the other is the Sunoco Speedway.

Hersheypark: Tilt a Whirl
Manufactured by: Sellner Manufacturing

The Tilt a Whirl is a classic flat ride manufactured by Sellner Manufacturing and it opened up at Hershey Park in 1983. This ride is good for people of all ages.

This is a spinning ride that will tilt and whirl you around, hence the name Tilt a Whirl. As the entire platform rotates in a circle, your car is seated on a platform and will spin around as the ride goes up and down the hills. Each ride experience is different and the ride will spin depending on how the weight is seated or shifted in the car.

Hersheypark: The Howler
Manufactured by: Wisdom Industries LTD.

The Howler is a ride that I like to describe as "Air Tea Cups." The Howler is a spinning ride manufactured by Wisdom Industries LTD. and it opened up at the park in 2009.

This ride will lift you 7 and a half feet off the ground and tilt at a 20 degree angle and then it will spin around. Each of your individual gondolas can be spun by spinning the disk in the center of the ride, making it a much more thrilling ride experience.

Hersheypark: The Claw
Manufactured by: Chance Morgan, Inc.

The Claw is a pendulum ride at Hershey Park, manufactured by Chance Morgan, Inc. and opened up at the park in 2003. This is an intense spinning ride, so if you cannot handle spinning or fast speeds then this is not the ride for you.

Once you climb aboard the Claw, you never know what you are in for. The ride itself will rock back and forth and spin at the same time, giving riders one hell of an experience. This ride will swing you as high as 120 degrees to a height of 64 feet!

Hersheypark: Tea Cups
Manufactured by: Zamperla

And the Tea Cups! The Tea Cups was manufactured by Zamperla and opened up at the park during the 2014 operating season.

This is a smaller version of the Tea Cups compared to the other versions at Busch Gardens and Six Flags Parks. This ride is more geared towards small children, however they will allow adults on the ride.

Hersheypark: Starship America
Manufactured by: Kasper Klaus

Starship America is a spinning ride at Hershey Park manufactured by Kasper Klaus and opened up at the park in 1962!

Once you climb aboard Starship America, he ride will spin around and you can control the up/down movement of the ride. There is a lever on the ride that you can pull to make your ship go up in the air. This ride moves at a medium speed and is a moderate thrill ride.

Hersheypark: Sky View
Opened: 1966

The Sky View is known as a Sky Ride at other theme parks, however this ride is a round trip. Sky Rides at other theme parks are one way trips as they bring you from one destination to another. This ride is designed to give you a view of the surrounding area and a relaxing trip around Hershey Park. Sky View opened up at Hershey Park in 1966.

Hersheypark: Scrambler
Manufacturer: Eli Bridge Company

The Scrambler is a spinning ride at Hershey Park manufactured by the Eli Bridge Company and it opened up in the park in 1972. There are two versions of the Scrambler at Hershey Park. The regular sized Scrambler for adults and big kids and a Mini Scrambler designed for small children.

Once you climb aboard the Scrambler, the ride will begin to rotate in one direction. There are a total of 3 arms that have 4 cars on each arm. As the entire ride spins in one direction, the arms with your cars will spin in the other direction, giving you a whipping feeling as the ride is in motion.

Hersheypark: Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge
Manufacturer: Sally Corporation

Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge is an interactive dark ride at Hershey Park. This ride was manufactured by the Sally Corporation and it opened up at the park in 2006.

Challenge your friends, your enemies or strangers to a game of Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge! Are you up for the challenge in this shooting game? You'll climb aboard a 4 person train and it'll take you through a shooting gallery.

Hersheypark: Pirate
Manufacturer: Huss

Pirate is the swinging ship ride at Hershey Park, manufactured by Huss and it opened up at the park in 1980. Once you climb aboard the Pirate, the ship will rock you back and forth, giving riders a feeling of weightlessness.

Hersheypark: Music Express
Opened: 1999

Music Express is a classic ride at theme parks and amusement parks alike. This particular one opened up at the park in 1999 and is considered to be a Himalaya ride.

For years, families have been bringing their children on the Music Express rides and enjoying them all over the world. This ride will play music as it goes around in a circle and up and down small hills. This particular version of the Music Express does not go backwards.

Hershey Park: Visit #3
By: Kevin Michaels
December 27, 2014

We've been saying that we wanted to visit Hershey Park during the Christmastime for Christmas Candy Lane and we finally made the trip out there. While we did go to the park 2 days after Christmas, they still had the Christmas display up and it was the final weekend for Christmas Candy Lane.

We made a last minute plan to come to the park and I had reached out to Danny Binetti to let him know and he said he would join us, which is always a good time when he's around. He does nothing but complain and give people a hard time and it's very entertaining.

Hershey Park: Visit #2
By: Kevin Michaels
September 20, 2014

Click here for photos from 9/20/14!

Fahrenheit; We've been told and have seen this from experience; do this ride first. It isn't the best ride in the park but it is one of the rides that everyone flocks to. While it is a very popular Intamin roller coaster, it's just an OK ride in my opinion. This ride tries to be Maverick from Cedar Point but doesn't quite make it there. Our experience on this ride today was that it was a fun ride but a little bit bumpy. Perhaps it's time to increase the maintenance on this one! Because this was the first ride we went on, we walked right in and got right on with no problem.