Kennywood: Visit #1
By: Kevin Michaels
July 18, 2015

It's Saturday and our final day of our "theme park tour" in July as people put it and here we are at Kennywood for the first time ever! We have heard many good things about this park and we cannot wait to check it out. I understand that the rides here aren't going to be as intense or as thrilling as parks like Cedar Point, but Kennywood is an excellent family destination.

Park opens at 10:30am

The park today opens at 10:30am and it will stay open until 10 at night. Because we have heard that Phantom's Revenge is the "big coaster" here at Kennywood, we decided to go there first. We got to the entrance and the ride wasn't opened yet. I actually felt like I was at Six Flags because things weren't opening on time.