Kings Dominion: Visit #7
By: Kevin Michaels
October 3, 2015

It's a chilly and rainy day and there has been a threat of a Hurricane all week but as of right now it is just a drizzle. This is our 7th visit to Kings Dominion of the season and it is an ACE event called Fall Thrillfest!

Our Yorkie is along for the trip!

We brought our Yorkie Darla along for this trip as Kings Dominion has a Kennel to leave her in for 5 dollars for the entire day! Good deal.

Volcano, morning ERT

Intimidator 305 was to be the morning ERT but we were rerouted to Volcano, most likely because of the rain. By the time we got to Volcano, we were told it was closed but were told Intimidator 305 is open!

Kings Dominion: Visit #6
By: Kevin Michaels
June 21, 2015

While today wasn't nearly as hot as it was yesterday because the humidity was lower, it was still a pretty hot day at Kings Dominion.

Early Entry for SP Holders; 10am

We arrived to the park at 9:30am and as a Platinum Season Passholder, we were granted 30 minutes ERT for Volcano and Intimidator 305. The only thing that stinks about those two rides being on the ERT list is that they are all the way in the back of the park and it takes a little time to get to them.

Six Flags America: Visit #1
Kings Dominion: Visit #5
By: Kevin Michaels
June 19, 2015

Today was the beginning of our vacation to Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, Carowinds and Dollywood. On our way to Kings Dominion today, we made a pit stop at Six Flags America to grab some lunch and nab three coaster credits while we were there.

Heritage House for Lunch

On our way to Six Flags America, I had checked out the food menus and saw that they had pasta at a place called the Heritage House. That's actually been a really good change at theme parks as we had pasta at Six Flags New England last week.

Kings Dominion: Visit #4
By: Kevin Michaels
May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mother's all over the world! It's Mother's Day and here we are at Kings Dominion, ready to ride some roller coasters this morning! As we were walking up to the park, there was a woman giving out maps and I had asked her if she could give us some exit passes. She said hmm, if you could answer a trivia question, then maybe she can!

What was brought back to celebrate KD40?

Danny Binetti was quick to answer that by telling the woman it was the talking mushrooms. That was too easy, but the woman corrected him by saying it was the singing mushrooms, not the talking mushrooms! We still got an exit pass from her. I was kidding when I asked her for an exit pass, but we did get one from her!

Kings Dominion: Visit #3
By: Kevin Michaels
May 9, 2015

All the way from New Jersey, we arrived to the park just before the park opened for early entry. Today's early entry rides will be Volcano and Intimidator 305. As usual, Kings Dominion played the Star Spangled Banner before opening. This is something that I have seen at all Cedar Fair Parks when I get there for opening.

10am the gates are open!

The gates at Kings Dominion are opened at 10am. The actual park will open up at 10:30am for those with day tickets but if you are a Season Passholder for Kings Dominion or all of Cedar Fair, you are granted early ride time on two attractions.

Kings Dominion: Visit #2
By: Kevin Michaels
March 29, 2015

Today is our second visit to Kings Dominion this year and it is still very cold out and a little windy. As we approached the gate, our friend Fran told us that we would be getting early entry into the park because we are season passholders. Kings Dominion does 30 minute early entry and they have different rides open during each of the early entry days. Today's early entry rides were the Crypt and Flight of Fear.

Rides closed due to Weather

As we waited for our early entry, they had a list of some rides on the board that would be closed due to the weather. Some rides will close for wind and others will close due to temperatures. Today's closed rides would be: Dominator, Intimidator 305, Volcano, Drop Tower, WindSeeker and the Backlot Stunt Coaster.

Kings Dominion: Visit #1
Season Passholder Preview Day!
By: Kevin Michaels
March 28, 2015

Today was our first visit to Kings Dominion for the season and it was the first ever Season Passholder Preview Day. When we arrived to the park around 10:30am, we knew it was going to be a cold day based on the frigid temperature and the wind.

Platinum Pass has to pay for Parking??

When they finally opened the parking gates at 11am, there was some type of issue with the machines for parking. For some reason, it was not accepting the pass to pay for parking so they had to charge me for parking and then I was told to go to ticket services to get my refund. OK, it's opening day, maybe there are some quirks in the system.

Theme Park Maniacs FIRST STOP...
Kings Dominion
March 28 & March 29th!

It's official! We are headed down to Kings Dominion on March 28th and March 29th! These are shortened operating days compared to the normal operating schedule over the summer, but we will be there for opening weekend. Saturday is Season Passholder Preview Day and the park will be open from 12 noon to 6 in the evening. We will be there for the entire duration of the day. Sunday, the park opens up at noon and will close at 6. We will be at the park until about 4pm on Sunday!

March 28th is Kings Dominion's first ever Season Passholder Preview Day. Any 2015 season passholder can attend this event and the first 1,000 Gold and Platinum Season Passholders will receive a FREE 40th Celebration lanyard with a pass holder!

Kings Dominion: Xtreme SkyFlyer
Manufactured by: Skycoaster

Xtreme Skyflyer is the Sky Coaster at Kings Dominion! This ride was manufactured by a company called Skycoaster and it was opened up at the park in 1996. This Sky Coaster will bring you to a height of 153 feet and you will Sky Dive to a speed of over 60 MPH!

Kings Dominion: WindSeeker
Manufactured by: Mondial

The WindSeeker is a giant swing ride manufactured by a company called Mondial and it has opened up at several Cedar Fair Parks. This particular one at Kings Dominion opened up during the 2012 operating season.

WindSeeker is a 301 foot tall relaxing swing ride. This ride will give you one of the best views of the park, aside from the Eiffel Tower and the Drop Tower. When you get to the top of the tower, the ride will spin at a top speed of 30 MPH!

Kings Dominion: White Water Canyon
Manufactured by: Intamin

White Water Canyon is the river rapids ride at Kings Dominion, manufactured by Intamin and opened up at the park in 1983!

Are you looking to cool off on a hot day at the park? Then White Water Canyon is the perfect place for you. Take a ride through the back area at Kings Dominion on this raft that will give you the closest experience to white water rafting of any amusement ride!

Kings Dominion: Wave Swinger
Manufactured by: Zierer

The Wave Swinger is a swing ride at Kings Dominion manufactured by Zierer and it operates just like any of the other Wave Swinger rides at theme parks.

This is a great ride for families to get on. Climb aboard, get in your swing and get ready for some swinging and waving action! This ride will lift you up in the air and spin you around as the actual structure tilts to give you the waving sensation.

Kings Dominion: The Crypt
Manufactured by: HUSS

The Crypt is a top spin ride at Kings Dominion manufactured by Huss that opened up at the park during the 2005 operating season. Under the umbrella of Paramount, this ride was called Tomb Raider: Firefall but once the park was sold to Cedar Fair, any references to Tomb Raider were removed. The theme to this ride today still remains to be an incredible sight.

This ride operates over fire and water and it has two sides, a front and a back unlike the traditional top spin rides, giving riders two different visuals. If you sit on the front of the ride, you will be able to see the flames when they start flaring during the ride.

Kings Dominion: Shenandoah Lumber Company
Manufactured by: Arrow Dynamics

Shenandoah Lumber Company is the log flume ride at Kings Dominion! This flume ride was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics. Are you looking to cool off on a hot summer day at Kings Dominion? Then this is the perfect place for you. You may not get soaked on this ride, but you will cool off as you'll get a little bit of water on you.

Log Flumes at theme parks and boardwalks are fun for the entire family. Be sure to hop onto this excursion that will take you over a 40 foot waterfall before coming to a splash down drop. Before you return into the station, riders may get a little more wet as the onlookers have the option to put a quarter in a machine to squirt water at you!

Kings Dominion: Scrambler
Manufactured by: Eli Bridge Company

The Scrambler is a spinning ride at Kings Dominion manufactured by the Eli Bridge Company! This is a classic ride at theme parks and boardwalks alike.

Once you climb aboard the Scrambler, get ready for some spinning. This ride has a total of 3 arms that each have a total of 4 cars on it. The entire ride will spin around in one direction as each of the arms will spin the cars in another direction.

Kings Dominion: Flying Eagles
Manufactured by: Bisch-Rocco

The Flying Eagles is a 'flying scooter' ride manufactured by Bisch-Rocco that opened up at the park back in 1975 when the park opened for business. This ride is at several amusement parks and boardwalks and it is a classic ride for children to hop on for many generations!

Once you climb aboard the Flying Eagles, the ride itself will rotate in one direction and your eagles will sway. From here, you can move the lever or the "wing" to control the flight of your eagle! Just how high can you get your eagle going on the Flying Eagles?!

Kings Dominion: Eiffel Tower
Manufactured by: Intamin

The Eiffel Tower is located at two different Cedar Fair Parks, Kings Island in Mason, Ohio and here at Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia. They were both manufactured by Intamin but did not open during the same year. Kings Dominion's Eiffel Tower opened up with the park in 1975!

This is one of the park's original and signature attractions. This Eiffel Tower stands at a height of 315 feet and it is a 1/3rd replica of the actual Eiffel Tower in Paris, France!

Kings Dominion: Drop Tower
Manufactured by: Intamin

The Scream Zone Drop Tower is a 305 foot drop tower at Kings Dominion, manufactured by Intamin and opened up at the park in 2003.

Many of the Cedar Fair Parks have a drop tower with the same name/theme around it, calling it the Scream Zone and while this is not the tallest one of them all, it is the one with the largest drop.

Kings Dominion
Planning a trip to the Park?!

Are you planning a trip to Kings Dominion down in Doswell, Virginia? Here are a few tips from the Theme Park Maniacs! In 2013, we made a total of 2 visits to Kings Dominion, but returned to the park for 5 more visits in 2014, so we do have a bit of experience when it comes to visiting Kings Dominion. Everyone has their own style of viewing and visiting at a theme park, but this is our way of doing it...

Arrive Early

If you visit Kings Dominion on the weekend and are a Season Passholder, check on the Kings Dominion website for Early Ride Times! The park will often allow people into the park for 30 minutes to 1 hour early to allow them to get Early Rides on certain rides. If you're a fan of Intimidator 305, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all of the re-rides!

Kings Dominion
What's new in 2015?!

Waterworks Expansion! In addition to what is already located at Waterworks, 2015 will see these new changes in effect; a mega water slide complex, family friendly splash zone, expanded cabanas and amenities that will enhance the entire experience at the water park!

The 65 foot tall slide complex features three new attractions! Paradise Plunge, you'll step into one of three chambers and wait for the floor to drop from underneath your feet, sending you to a free fall through a series f loops, curves and into a translucent flume!

Kings Dominion: Visit #7
By: Kevin Michaels
October 11, 2014

What's going on with the bad weather on Theme Park Days?! I mean the weather isn't terrible, but it isn't that great either. Oh well, that's not going to stop us because we are Theme Park Maniacs and we'll just keep trekking along...


So today and tomorrow, we have added an extra Theme Park Maniac for the day and that is my mother. My mother hasn't been to a park in many, many years and it's even been years since she has been to Wildwood, New Jersey. (We took yearly trips there growing up...) So let's see how she handles this theme park. She actually said that she hasn't been to one since I was a year old and that was Six Flags Great Adventure back in 1979!

Kings Dominion down in Doswell, Virginia. This is one park that fell into our laps when we were looking around for other parks to visit. Up until this point, we visited Six Flags Great Adventure numerous times, Dorney Park, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Hershey Park and Morey's Piers in Wildwood, NJ. While all the parks that we had gone to thus far have kept us more than entertained, we wanted to open up our theme park resume and add to it.

That's when we found Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion. Both of these parks are down in Virginia and being that they are only an hour apart, it was our goal to find a hotel somewhere in the middle of the two parks so that we could visit one park one day and then another park the next day for a long weekend down in Virginia. We drove town to Virginia and got there on Friday night. Being that we got there early enough, we decided to take a trip to Kings Dominion for a couple hours before they closed.

Why not? We already have the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass which pays for entry and parking at the park, so why not take advantage? The only thing we would have to pay for would be food or drinks and both of those we didn't bother with because we were only in the park for 2 and a half hours. Upon entering Kings Dominion, it sure reminded me a lot of Kings Island with the water fountain right in the front gate and the Eiffel Tower also near the front of the park. That shouldn't surprise anyone because both of these parks were under the Paramount umbrella at one point.

Anyway, when we got into the park, we decided to go over to the left where we got on the first couple of rides. The first ride we got on was the first roller coaster you see when you enter the park and that is the Dominator. Not to be confused with Dorney Park's Dominator, this was a roller coaster designed much like Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure but with a much better track. This roller coaster had a higher speed and a higher drop, ranking it higher than Bizarro in my opinion.

The second ride we got on was the Berserker, which is located right before the Dominator. This ride is a Looping Ship Ride which is much like the Sea Dragon or the Buccaneer, except this one goes upside down. Sounds like a good ride, right? Well it's not. This ride was one of the most uncomfortable and torturous rides that we've gone on thus far out of all the theme parks we've gone to. If you think about how it goes, it's somewhat like the Meteor at Dorney Park, but the Meteor is a much better ride. It's more comfortable and more secure in my opinion.

Moving on, there are a ton of good rides at Kings Dominion and one of my favorite rides in the entire park was the Scream Zone Drop Tower. This is a drop tower that brings you up 300 feet in the air and drops you at 72 mph. The seats for the tower are built in a circle around the tower, allowing for the ride to hold 56 people on the ride. This is the ride that we literally rode 15 times in a row. It's a high thrill ride, very fun and the ride operators were just wonderful to deal with. There is an older woman who operates the ride there and she looked to be having the time of her life. In talking to her, we found out that she is a retired school teacher but came to the theme park to work because she misses the kids. In addition to that, she actually gets on the drop tower every day and test rides it. God Bless her heart. Amazing woman with a lot of guts to get on a ride like this. I know people my age who won't even get on a drop tower, let alone a roller coaster.

Other highlighted rides in the park include the Volcano, the Blast Coaster, which is a launched roller coaster that launches you from 0 to 70 mph in a flash. Another roller coaster that Kings Dominion is known for is the Intimidator 305, which opened up in 2010. This Gigacoaster has a 300 foot drop and goes at a top speed of 90 mph. Unfortunately, for a better part of the summer of 2013, including the time we visited Kings Dominion the Intimidator 305 was shut down due to mechanical difficulties. Apparently, they needed to order a new part for the ride which put it out of commission for a better part of the 2013 season.