Six Flags La Ronde: Visit #3
By: Kevin Michaels
August 16, 2015

Happy National Roller Coaster Day from Canada! It's Sunday morning, 80 degrees and clear out and here we are at Six Flags La Ronde for our third and final visit. I don't know what it was but these rides beat our asses yesterday. The Wild Mouse ride, especially. I actually have a really bad pain in my leg and I'm limping from something. That just goes to tell you the quality of rides here at La Ronde. They have a decent collection of flat rides but most of the coasters will beat your ass, especially if you don't know what to expect.

Arrived at 10:30am

After having to stand at the front entrance for an hour and a half yesterday until 10:57am, we decided to come a little later today. Today when we got here, they had the gates already open and everyone was free to enter. Strange. I know they had a special event yesterday and maybe that is why we weren't allowed in early. When we entered the park, we went and got our coupons for the dining.

Six Flags La Ronde: Visit #2
By: Kevin Michaels
August 15, 2015

It's Saturday morning, cloudy out and a little muggy out. We arrived to the park at 9:30am and by 9:40, they had started testing the coasters. The park doesn't open until 11am and it closes at 9pm tonight.

Do you speak French?

We had noticed that they were letting people into the park early and we tried to get in. The girl asked if we spoke French. Of course, I wasn't going to lie and say I did, but they had a special early entry event for those who speak French. Strange, right?

Six Flags La Ronde: Visit #1
By: Kevin Michaels
August 14, 2015

This is our first time to this park, and the first impression of the walk from the car to the park is not a good one. This was a far walk much like New England, however it was not very scenic.

All Season Dining

At this park, the All Season Dining works a bit different. At the front of the park, you scan your pass and are given coupons. That was our first order of business.