Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #22
Date: 6/1/15
By: Kevin Michaels

Click here for photos from 6/1/15!

It is cool out today with on and off rain and as a guest to Six Flags Great Adventure or any theme park for that matter, this is the best kind of day to be at a park. This is our 22nd visit to Great Adventure this season. I didn't expect today to be a lengthy visit by any means. We came to the park after work and the park is only open until 6pm tonight.

The park is DEAD...

This is awesome. The park is dead. Anne Marie headed over to the Garden State Grill to grab some food while I headed over to the photo booth to upgrade to the new Six Flags Photo Card.


All new at Six Flags Great Adventure is the ALL SEASON PICTURE PASS. If you are a fan of getting your on-ride photos or your gate photos at Six Flags Great Adventure, then this is the perfect deal for you. For just 29.99, you will be able to get every single photo you want during the 2015 operating season for the low price of: $FREE and it is good at ALL SIX FLAGS PARKS.

I know this is hard to believe, but it is true. For $29.99, you can get an ALL SEASON PICTURE PASS. In 2014, I bought a ton of ride & gate photos for $0.99 each on my USB chip. After you buy over 300 photos, it adds up. Now with my new ALL SEASON PICTURE PASS, the photos are free.

My Six Flags Digital Photos UPGRADE

If you have already purchased the green 2015 Season Pass Holder Photo Card, you can take that over to My Six Flags Photos at the front of the park or at your favorite ride to upgrade and get the ALL SEASON PICTURE PASS. All you have to do is pay the difference between the two cards. The original card was $19.99 -- My upgrade fee after tax was only $10.70. If you choose to keep the green card, each photo is still $1.99 plus tax. The new card? Your photos are free.

I know this seems like a huge advertising campaign for Six Flags Great Adventure and the newest photo card and in a sense it is, but coming from someone who spent a ton of money on photos over the 2014 operating season, it is well worth it!

Sky Screamer, no line and only half loaded

After I got my new photo card, I headed over to the Sky Screamer and got a quick ride on there. There was no line at all and the ride was only half loaded. It was pretty cold at the top of the 242 foot Sky Screamer. Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of seeing the hairy ass crack of the guy sitting in front of me. Who's bright idea was it to leave that as an open hole on the back of the seats?

Nitro, no line, removing a train

I headed over to Nitro and walked right into the station. There was really no line, but a small group of people waiting as the ride was "shut down" -- maintenance was up there removing a train from the track to move it down to a 2 train operation. The kids in front of me were concerned, but I had told them that it won't be long as they were only removing a train from the track.

I got on Train C with these kids in the 2nd row. The ride was bumpy, but it wasn't headache bumpy. I guess I just have to come to terms with the fact that Nitro and other B&M rides like it aren't going to be smooth rides unless they are under 8 years old. This past week, we had the opportunity to ride two other rides like it; Diamondback at Kings Island (Awesome ride and smooth) and Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America. Raging Bull was bumpy just like Nitro, but not to the point where you would come off the ride with a headache.

Kingda Ka & Zumanjaro?

We then headed in the direction of Kingda Ka & Zumanjaro and they didn't look to be open from the Boardwalk area. They had sent up empty gondolas on Zumanjaro, so we decided to pass on that. Instead, we headed over to El Diablo, which was also closed. El Diablo didn't even have the train on the track as maintenance had to remove it to do some work on it. While we were at El Diablo talking to the ride operator, we noticed both Kingda Ka & Zumanjaro in full operation. We were going to head in that direction, but we headed to the front of the park with Ally to sort out a little problem with my new photo card.

Problems with the new card?

So, when I scanned my card with the QR reader, I was able to see my photo on the Six Flags Photo Card. When I had logged into my old account and then tried to link it with my new card, it kept telling me that the photo was already claimed, not allowing me to view it. Hmm, well this is an issue. We headed back to My Six Flags Photos to try to sort it out and they couldn't figure it out so they wound up issuing me a different card.

As it turns out, I think it was my negligence. When I had logged into My Six Flags Photos, my photo that I grabbed from Nitro was in my account so it must've automatically linked my account with the new card when I claimed the photo. Just a strange little quirk that I bumped into, but everything turned out to be OK!

Granny's to Go

That was it for a short visit at the park. Anne Marie went over to Granny's to grab some food to take home with us. Good thing she went when she did because they were just closing up when she got there. They let her get some food, but with such a low attendance at the park, it wasn't worth keeping a lot of these places opened. We noticed that a lot of food stands were closed when we got there and saw some employees being sent home because they weren't needed on such a quiet day.

We should be back at the park on Wednesday for a while, but definitely Friday & Sunday this week. Saturday, we'll be taking a trip up to Bristol, Connecticut to make our first visit to Lake Compounce!

Have a great night everyone and thank you for reading!

- Kevin