Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #25
Date: 6/5/15
By: Kevin Michaels

Click here for photos from 6/5/15!

It's Friday, the weather conditions are improving and here we are at Six Flags Great Adventure once again and this is our 25th visit of the season! The park is pretty crowded today as there are still class trips going on. While there were a lot of people in the park, the wait times for the rides were really good. We had been following the wait times for the rides during the morning and early afternoon hours and we were surprised to see that the wait times were very short.

Six Flags App to enter the park?!

If you read yesterday's blog, you know that there is a new Six Flags App where you can scan your season pass into your cellphone so that you can use the App to scan yourself into the park. I had used that method yesterday and was told to go to Season Pass Processing. Today? It was almost the same thing. I told the person at the gate that my season pass is in my phone, and they started to give me a card but realized that I had a season pass. The whole concept of scanning your season pass from your phone is a good idea; however it becomes a pain in the ass when the workers are clueless to it.

Are the workers trained to know about the App?

I had gone out to the car after lunch to put something in the car and on my way back into the park, I bumped into a woman who we normally see at the front gates. She is a very nice and pleasant woman to see when you enter the park. Her name is Carol and I had stopped to ask her if they are trained and informed about the Six Flags App so we can use it to scan into the park. Carol told me that they are trained, but the problem is; the workers don't listen. Well there's the problem. If you are trying to enter the park using your Six Flags App and cannot, it's because the workers at the gate don't listen during their training sessions.

Late lunch; cutting it close

We had gotten into the park around 3:10pm. Lunch officially ends at 3:30pm and the lines for the food places at the boardwalk and the Garden State Grill were long and weren't moving very fast at all. I was standing on line getting frustrated as I watched the people at the register not know how to use the register. It was so bad that the people cooking the food were shouting over to the person at the register how to use it. In addition, you had a ton of people asking questions, paying with cash, not knowing how to use their dining pass, etc. It's almost like people have never gone out to a fast food place before. When it was finally our turn, our passes weren't scanning to give us lunch. It was after 3:30pm and that's why the passes weren't working, but the working Supervisor authorized for us to get lunch. She realized that the lines were moving slow and prevented us from missing out on lunch. After we ate lunch, I had gone over to thank her and she gave me a compliment card that I could take over to guest services. She helped us out, so we helped her out by giving her a compliment for her work.

Processed a Season Pass...

I grabbed my lunch and ate as I walked over to the Season Pass Processing area. I had bought a Season Pass for my mother because she is going to be joining us on our adventure next Saturday as we head up to Six Flags New England. I figured I may as well get her a Season Pass incase she wants to join us to come to Great Adventure sometime. I'm sure I'll be pressuring her to come during Fright Fest or Holiday in the Park just to see what goes on. Season Pass Processing was simple. All I had to do was fill in my mother's information and that was that.

We are joined by MEGAN!

I did not tell Danny or Anne Marie this, but my niece Megan is coming to the park today. I met her up at the front gates while Anne Marie filled out a comment card or the supervisor at the Garden State Grill. It has been a while since Megan has been at a park with us and she will be with us all weekend.

Sky Screamer, 3 cycle wait time

We had heard that Nitro had a 10 minute wait, but we made a stop at Sky Screamer first. It was only a 3 cycle wait for this ride. Always a nice ride and always a nice view of the park.

Nitro; 20 minute wait

Next, we headed over to Nitro. I noticed that they were only running one side of the Sky Ride and thought maybe there was no line, but there was a decent enough line for them to have both sides opened. Nitro looked to be about a 20 minute wait and there was a bunch of people walking out of the line. I had asked a few people where they were going and they said the line was too long. Wait, what? The line was barely long at all. Oh well, shorter line for us! It only took us 20 minutes to get on Nitro, just like I thought. Because there was no line, we went on again and were on and off the ride within 10 minutes.

A rare appearance at Congo Rapids?!

After Nitro, I looked over to Congo Rapids, which had no line. I thought to myself, why not ride it today? Danny didn't want to ride it today, so he held onto our stuff for us. I don't recall getting on Congo Rapids at all last year, but the year before when we got on, we didn't get wet at all. This year, I rode it two times in a row and got drenched. The first time around, I got a little wet but drenched the second time!

Nitro to dry off?!

We came off of Congo Rapids and now it felt chilly out. Let's ride Nitro again and see if we can dry off. We wound up getting two rides on Nitro in a row in the 5th row on train B. I think we found the bumpy train because this was not a good experience at all. Started to get a headache during this ride.

Granny's for Dinner

It's dinner time and I figured we'd go to Granny's for dinner like we normally do. Getting tired of this food, it's time to change it up a bit. The chicken was good but I'm seriously tired of French fries to the point where I threw them right out.

G.A. Cafe for a snack

On the way out of the park, we made a stop at the Great Adventure Cafe for an ice cream snack. I wanted ice cream and had wondered where I could get it on the meal plan and I figured maybe the GA Cafe would have it. I walked up to the window where they make the funnel cakes and startled the lady in there, but she laughed when she saw me. I played sign language as I asked her if they had ice cream in there. She understood exactly what I was saying and doing and said yes. Awesome!

A little excitement on the way out...

As we were leaving the park, I was getting ready to bother Rashida, who is one of the Supervisor Security Guards but there was a little activity. Apparently, these two people had left their cellphone in the park and wanted to come back in and get it. The thing is, if you leave the park and are going to reentered, you need to reenter through the metal detectors and they didn't want to do that. They ran right through the exit and Rashida chased them down and escorted them right out of the park. They did get their phone, but that is not the answer. If you leave, you have to reenter the way you are instructed, not the way you want. I have to give Rashida huge props for keeping the street toughs out of the park. She was not happy at all but she chased them down and got them right out of there. Awesome job!

Where are we headed next?!

Tomorrow, we are headed to Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut for our very first visit! Because of the long drive, the blog won't wind up being uploaded until Sunday night. Have a great night, everyone and enjoy the parks tomorrow!

- Kevin