Six Flags New England: Visit #1
Date: 6/13/15
By: Kevin Michaels

Click here for photos from 6/13/15!

It's the middle of June and this is our first visit to Six Flags New England! We are excited to ride the all new hybrid; wood meets steel roller coaster called Wicked Cyclone!!

Entry into the Park

Today, we met up with a lot of people at the park. In my car, I had Anne Marie, my mother, my niece Megan and Danny Binetti. We met up with Jason and his son Riley, Clint and his daughter Olivia and DJ and his grandmother Linda. This is going to be a fun filled day at Six Flags New England!

We headed right to the Wicked Cyclone. Six Flags New England still does the "holding point" as they allow everyone to enter the park until a certain point. At 10:15, they allow Gold Passholders to enter into the park. The problem here is that they don't know who has a gold pass and who doesn't because the season passes are all generic. And the people who don't have a season pass at all, block the way for the season passholders to enter. We had this very same problem at Six Flags Great Adventure but they rectified that situation by holding everyone back by the ticket entry points until 10:15.

Early entry here doesn't get you much because the rides don't open until 10:30 anyway, but it gives you that extra time to get to your favorite ride.

Wicked Cyclone; up FIRST

This is the ride that I'm most excited to get on. Last month, I rode on my first ever RMC roller coaster in Goliath at Six Flags Great America and loved it. Unfortunately, we only got to ride it one time due to the crowds and long lines. Let's see how Wicked Cyclone is. Wicked Cyclone is a refurbished and retracked version of the old ride; Cyclone but there are so many more intense elements that the original coaster didn't have.

I absolutely loved this ride. I had talked to our friend Jason about this ride and he compared it to Goliath at Six Flags Great America and he said that he loves this one much better because it's more compact and it's one element right after another and he was right. This ride was awesome. I really hope we get a chance to get back on this one before we leave. I wonder how the lines will be later on?

The 400 foot tall New England Sky Screamer!

My niece Megan has never been on a Sky Screamer this tall and she was a little bit nervous. I was laughing at her and Clint told me that it was windy up there. I said big deal, but when we got to the top of the Sky Screamer and the wind was blowing and my seat was twisting around, I was pretty damn nervous!

Pandemonium, spinning coaster...

Pandemonium is a small but very fun spinning roller coaster. I seriously wish Six Flags Great Adventure had one of these rides. It's not a spinning wild mouse as it has a much different track but it is a really fun ride. The ride experience will change each time you ride if you sit in a different seat with your friends. Depending on how the weight is divvied out on the ride will depend on how much it will spin.

Goliath; front row...

Last year, we got on Goliath every time we came to the park. This is a Vekoma boomerang roller coaster and it absolutely sucks. Everyone keeps saying that the ride has new restraints and they suck, but these are the same restraints that were on the ride last year. I came off the ride with a headache. Vekoma rides are not very smooth rides at all.

Take 6 Cafe for Lunch

Clint had told me that there is spaghetti and meatballs at the Take 6 Cafe so I figured we'd eat here so we could try it out. I never wound up trying the spaghetti because they had a better meal; baked ziti. The baked ziti came with meatballs, cheese and they ran it through the toaster oven to melt the cheese on top. It also came with a side salad of your choice. Wow, I wish our park had something like this! The baked ziti was pretty damn good, too.

Up next? Bizarro

After lunch, we headed over to Bizarro. The ride broke down as we sat down. We were sent back into the line. It turns out that someone must've thrown up or something on the ride because they brought out the Lysol and wipes to clean something up. I know I'm going to get some slack for this, but I like Nitro much better than Bizarro. It's a much quieter and smoother ride experience. And the fact that Bizarro's speaker/music system wasn't working hurts the ride experience.

Gotham City & Catwoman's Whip

Since we were in the area, we got a ride on the Gotham City Wild Mouse ride, which now has a ride photo that you can get with your All Season Picture Pass. Right after that, we went over to Catwoman's Whip. Next to Catwoman's Whip is a building that you can meet some Superheroes at the park like Batman or Robin and I had wandered in there for a second but it was so hot that I turned right around and walked out. How about fix the air conditioner in the building for the workers and the guests?!

Mind Eraser, new what?

During Six Flags New England's Great Nor'Easter, we were told that Mind Eraser would be getting new seats and new restraints. They would be the same seats and same restraints, however they would be new. It looked like they may have gotten new restraints but the seats were filthy dirty so there was no way they got new seats here. Maybe this is something that they will do during the season? The ride sucked. I did the E.T. maneuver to save myself from banging my head but if I didn't, I'd be in a lot of pain. Rough ride, another Vekoma.

Batman the Dark Knight

10-15 minute wait for Batman, the Dark Knight so we waited. We wound up riding in the 7th row. Danny had asked if we could ride in the front, but they told us no. I can't stand it when we are told what row to sit in, it's annoying. Decent ride. When I went to get my photo with my All Season Picture Pass, the kid tried to charge me 2 dollars for the photo. I had to tell him that this is the one that the pictures are free and he said he never heard of this and gave me the picture # and told me to go to the front booth. I said aloud that I'm going to have to tell Julie to retrain the workers around here.

Hurricane Harbor TIME...

Well, sorta. If you know me, you know that my fatass doesn't do water parks. Clint, Olivia and Megan had gone into the water park for a few hours and I figured let's take a walk in here and see what it's all about. The place was extremely crowded and it isn't my cup of tea. I'm fat and nothing to look at but in addition to stand on these horrendous lines just to go down a water slide? Hell no. I'd rather be riding actual RIDES!

Back to Wicked Cyclone; back row

I wanted to get on Wicked Cyclone one more time before we left for the day. When we got back there, it was a 25 minute wait which wasn't too bad at all. They have a loader telling people where to sit and like I said before, I can't stand that. Earlier, I was lucky enough to get the front row and this time I wanted to try the back row. I had asked the girl if I could ride in the back and she said no. They had the first 4 rows already filled up and the back row was opened. I asked why and she said that's how it is here. I said you know what? I'm going to override you and ride in the back row. I got in the line for the back and turned my back to the girl. What was she going to do? Call security and say "This guy is riding the back row, eject him from the park." By no means was I rude to the girl but this is a jerkonian policy at SFNE. Nevertheless, this is an amazing ride!

Take 6 for Dinner...

Because I liked the food so much at the Take 6 Cafe, we went right back there for dinner. I got the same thing and while the food wasn't AS good because it wasn't fresh, it was an awesome change from the food at our Six Flags park. After that, we used the meal plan to get a snack. This time, we got an ice cream bowl. Wait, a bowl? At our park, we get a kid's cup for a snack. Here? We were able to get a BOWL and it was a pretty big serving!

That's all, folks...

We had a great day at Six Flags New England. Because we made this into a day trip, we opted to leave the park at 7:30pm. We will be returning to this park at least two more times before the season ends. I would put my money on August 29th as our next visit to this park.

Have a great night everyone and thank you for reading!

- Kevin