Carowinds: Visit #2
Date: 6/23/15
By: Kevin Michaels

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It's another hot day, but it's another great day to be at Carowinds! We didn't get to the park for opening but we got to the park around 1pm. We decided to go right to Fury 325 and make that our first stop for the day. We plan on purchasing a sports bottle so we can get unlimited drink refills for the day but before we do that, let's ride Fury 325.

No cups, no loose articles, no bags in the station

As I mentioned yesterday, you cannot have any cups, bags or loose articles in the station at Fury 325. I don't like it when theme parks do this because if you come to a park on a busy day and there is a 1-2 hour line and you are stuck there without a drink, it can be a safety hazard. They have a water fountain in the queue line and you can bring a throw away drink, but that's about it.

Fury 325; 5 minute wait

We sure made the right decision to come to the park during the week because there was only a 5 minute wait for Fury 325. We got the lucky load and were loaded in the front row, which is my favorite row on this ride. They have all three trains running, even though the park is pretty empty. We hitched four rides on this today, first in the front row, second in the 6th row, third in the 1st row again and fourth in the 8th row. For rides like this, the back row is often the best but because the trains on Fury 325 are shorter, you don't feel the "pulling" that you'll feel on Intimidator here at Carowinds.

Parenting 101 @ Carowinds

During one of our rides on Fury 325, there was a woman who was trying to force her child to get on the ride. He didn't want to get on and when he was seated, he was in tears. The woman and her kids got off of the ride but before they got off, she WHACKED him for not wanting to ride. In addition, she actually grabbed him by the skin on his back like a cat would do to a kitten and then SHOVED him out of the ride exit. Really? That's a dirtbag parent and it's too bad that I didn't catch any of this on video. Very selfish of this woman to treat her child like that when he didn't want to ride a high thrill roller coaster. He just wasn't ready yet and he won't be ready for anything at this rate.

Stopped for Lunch

After we came off of Fury 325, I had used the Carowinds website to purchase a cup. You get a couple dollars off the cup if you purchase it online. The app wasn't working properly, so I had gone to their website to make the purchase the cup. We then went to the pizza place called Luigi's to eat. The food was good, but the person at the register was inexperienced. He had rung me up and scanned my pass, but said I owed 12 dollars. I told him that it was the All Season Dining Plan and he had to call his supervisor to correct the problem. It took more time than I liked for us to be able to sit down and eat.

Let's right the Nighthawk

We have to take it easy today because it is so unbearably hot out. We decided to head over to the Nighthawk and get a ride in on that. What a mistake that was. This ride was actually so bad that it made Firehawk at Kings Island look good! I don't know if I'll waste my time getting on this ride in the next two days that we are here. It wouldn't be a shame to see this ride removed and replaced with something else. A good Vekoma ride is just so hard to come by these days.

Woodstock Gliders AKA the Flying Eagles

Up next, we went over to the Woodstock Gliders to get a ride in on these. These rides can actually be pretty fun if you can get your scooter flying high. The ride operator was very entertaining as he got people motivated to fly high. When the ride was over, he actually said that Anne Marie took top flight on the Woodstock Gliders! She was flying so high that her gondola was twisting by the end of the ride!

WindSeeker; will it be any cooler up there?

Next in line was the WindSeeker. The question is; will it be any cooler at the top of the WindSeeker? It was a LITTLE cooler and the breeze we caught up there wiped away some of our sweat but by the time we came back down to the bottom and were unloaded, we were sweating all over again.

Boo Blasters

There are absolutely no lines here today. Perfect day to get in a lot of rides. We decided to go on the Boo Blasters and this version is much harder than the one at Kings Dominion. I got a damn good score at Kings Dominion, but this one? I was only able to get 1020. Anne Marie wound up getting 810 as her score.

Southern Star for the torture!

The Southern Star is the same ride at Kings Dominion called the Berserker. We figured we'd get on this for the torture. While it was extremely hot out, the ride wasn't too bad but that was because it was pretty short. I left my restraint pretty loose, so I was all over the place during the ride.

Thunder Road; closes in July

For those of you who don't know, this is the last season you will be able to get on Thunder Road as they are closing it down in July. Rumors that are swirling around is that they will be expanding the water park to replace Thunder Road.

They actually had both sides open today and both sides had two trains on each side. It looked as if they were going to race the coasters, but that wasn't the case. We rode on the North Carolina side of the track first and that was a pretty rough ride. After that, we hopped back on and got on the South Carolina side. The South Carolina side was actually pretty good up until the end of the ride, that's when it got rough. We rode both sides in the front row. I seem to remember getting in the last row last year on the South Carolina side and it was extremely rough. I'll stay away from that seat this year.

YoYo Swing Ride

This ride is almost like the Waveswinger and it was a walk on. Decent little ride, but no entertainment what so ever from the ride operator. There was only about 5 people on the ride, too.

Afterburn; B&M Invert

Afterburn is a B&M inverted roller coaster. We walked right into the station and got on line for the front row. There was a 2 train wait for the front. This is a good ride but I still think Talon from Dorney Park is my favorite B&M Invert besides Banshee at Kings Island.

Lazy Park Maniacs

It's extremely hot out and we decided to sit down for a while to take a break. That's not really like us, but it was way too hot to keep moving like a maniac, so we went in the route of a Lazy Park Maniac.

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie for the Credit?

If you read yesterday's BLOG, you'll know that we were turned down to ride Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie to get our coaster credit. I figured, why not send Anne Marie over to see if she could get her credit on the ride, so she went and got on the ride and came back. Once she came back, I said that's it, I'm going to get my credit now. I don't understand why they couldn't let us on the ride yesterday, but they could today. Maybe the ride operator wasn't suppose to, but what's the difference if there is no one riding it and we have a kid or not? There's no line; just let us idiots ride. I was actually terrified to put my hands up on this ride because it throws you around, but I'll put my hands up on Fury 325. Go figure.

Flying Ace Balloon Race

The ride operator from the Woodstock Gliders was here operating the Balloon Race today, which made it an entertaining ride. This is just a kiddie ride that rotates in the air. There's nothing much to it, and there's no disc in the center of the ride to spin the gondola. We rode it just for shits and giggles.

Woodstock Gliders, again?

I couldn't get my Glider going very high earlier but I wanted to give it another try. This time, I got the thing flying pretty damn high. It's too bad we didn't have the entertaining ride operator here calling the shots to tell us who had the thing flying the highest. Me and Anne Marie both had our respective gondolas flying high above the queue line roof. Believe it or not, I actually like these Flyers better than the ones at Knoebels. Knoebels were really good, but I got this one flying much higher.

Intimidator; 10 minute wait

We decided to get a ride in on Intimidator before we stopped to eat dinner. I had asked the loader if I could wait for front row and he looked towards the front and hesitated, so I asked for back row and he said OK. The back row is actually the best row on this ride. Because of how long the train is, you actually feel the pulling as the ride is in motion. Gives you a much better effect than in the front row.

Harmony Hall for Dinner

We headed to Harmony Hall for dinner where I got pepperoni pizza and Anne Marie got an Italian sandwich. The food was very good here tonight. The pizza was made fresh for me. Yesterday, we had the food here and the breadstick was so plain it was gross but today, we asked for dipping sauce which made the breadstick taste so much better. I wonder if the pasta would taste a lot better if we asked for extra sauce? Maybe we'll give that a whirl tomorrow.

Intimidator to close off the night

On our way out of the park, we stopped at Intimidator to get one last ride in for the day. This time, I asked the loader if I could wait for the front row. He didn't want to let me because he didn't know if they would get that many cycles in. Wait, it's only 8:30 and there is no line? I asked him what time the park closes and he said at 10. I told him it's only 8:30 and there was plenty of time for the cycles to go through. He said that it was 9:30, but he was either wrong on the time, or giving me a bullshit reason as to why I couldn't wait for the front. He did allow me to go to the front row. I bet this guy had a long day in the heat and was lost in time and really thought it was an hour later than it was. Front row, good ride and that's it for the night.

Why no Fury 325 at night?

Because we had purchased a sports bottle. I can't stand having to go through the whole process of getting a locker for our drink, so we got our rides in on Fury 325 before we bought our sports bottle. We'll be getting more rides in on Fury 325 tomorrow when we get to the park, so it's no worry to miss the ride before we left for the day. The ride is AWESOME, but I just can't stand the whole policy of "nowhere to put your belongings, especially your drink."

Anyway, we had an AWESOME day at Carowinds today, despite the extreme heat. We'll be back at the park again tomorrow and again on Thursday for a few hours.

Have a great night everyone and thank you for reading!

- Kevin