Carowinds: Visit #3
Date: 6/24/15
By: Kevin Michaels

Click here for photos from 6/24/15!

Time for another day at Carowinds and it's another hot day in the Carolinas. I know that Fury 325 is going to be our first stop of the day, so let's get rolling.

Fury 325, 5 rides in a row

Like I've said all week, we picked the right time to come to Carowinds because Fury 325 is and has been a walk on all week. We got 5 rides in a row this time. We wound up in rows 7, 3 & 2. The ride had technical difficulties at this point and we were stopped on the return platform for a short period of time. The mechanics had come right up to the ride back in motion.

As we came off the ride, we figured that they would have closed the entrance until the ride was operational. It was only down for about 10 minutes as they cycled out empty trains for whatever the ride was broken down for. After that, we got 2 more rides in on Fury, this time in row 2 and then our final ride on Fury for the day in row 1.

Congratulations Mike Fehnel & Carowinds

This is just an awesome ride. I just want to send out congratulations to Mike Fehnel (The park's general manager) and Carowinds as a whole for the new ride, the new entrance to the park and everything. The park is looking and is operating great from our standpoint. I actually bumped into Mike Fehnel in front of Fury 325 today and congratulated him for everything. Mike is a very nice guy and a stand up guy and very approachable from my standpoint.

Why buy Fast Lane?

Believe it or not, with how slow the park is today, I couldn't believe how many people had bought the Fast Lane pass. Buying something like that on a day like this just isn't worth it. The park was empty enough to the point that all rides were walk ons. In my opinion, if you are really interested in buying Fast Lane then feel out the park for the first couple of hours before you waste your money on it. If this was a Saturday, you could put money on the park being busy but we are in the middle of the week and it wasn't busy at all.

Carolina Skytower

This is an observation tower at Carowinds that will probably give you the best view of the entire park. Another ride you can get a good view of the park on is the WindSeeker, but you can see the park better from the Skytower. While we were up there, I had noticed that Vortex and Nighthawk were both only running with one train. When the coasters run with one train, that will cause a little bit of a line but the lines weren't too long on them anyway.

Mission; Fury 325 T-Shirt in a 2XL

I had seen a really cool and nice looking Fury 325 T-Shirt that I was interested in, but just couldn't seem to find it in my size. I had looked all over the park all day long to find the orange Fury 325 shirt in a 2XL but I failed it. One of the girls in the store gave me a website that they get their shirts made from and she told me that I could try through them. I had even asked Mike Fehnel about the shirt, and he did the best he could to help me out but they couldn't find it anywhere in stock in my size. Instead, I settled for a black Fury 325 T-Shirt and purchased two Fury 325 mugs. They actually had some really cool merchandise for this roller coaster. Probably the most merchandise I've seen for a ride, yet.

Scream Weaver AKA the Enterprise

Since we were right here, we grabbed a ride on the Scream Weaver. This is probably one of the oldest, most intense Enterprise rides that I have been on. I actually felt my ass squishing into the seat due to the pressure this ride puts on you! Talk about intense.

Flying Ace Aerial Chase; Kiddie Invert

Next in line was the Flying Ace Aerial Chase ride just for shits and giggles. We rode this ride last year and one similar to it at Kings Island this year. Today's ride on this was horrible. I got ear bashed to no end, even after I tried my little E.T. maneuver. It was bad. It has Vekoma written all over it. Oh wait, it is a Vekoma ride!

Woodstock Gliders times 3!

We then headed over to the Woodstock Gliders, which is the Flying Eagles ride. Like I said yesterday, this has got to be the best Flyers I have been on. We both had our Flyers flying pretty high. If I don't spend all day tomorrow on Fury 325, I'll definitely hit a few more rides on this before we leave.

Afterburn in the Front

We slowly worked our way around the park and wound up at Afterburn. The station was pretty empty and it was almost as if we were going to be only riders with one other guy but a few other people came into the station and hopped on the ride. This is a good ride but I feel the intensity as I get pine needles in my feet. Not that that's a bad thing, though!

Thunder Road; North & South Carolina

Next up was Thunder Road. Remember, they are closing this ride in July and they are knocking it down. The rumors are that they will expand the water park after they knock this coaster down. I decided today that we would ride in the back row, just to see how bad the ride is. It was horrible and so bad to the point that it rumbled a fart out of me. We actually had to sit down for 10 minutes or so to recover from this one! After that, we grabbed a quick ride on the Southern Star. Painful ride too due to the human squishing harnesses.

WindSeeker; too hot for this

Like I said before, it was way too hot out and they took extra time to load the WindSeeker today. It's understandable that they can't move too fast because of the heat, but we sat in the ride in the torturous heat. We probably should have skipped over this one today.

Intimidator; no line!

We then decided to head over to the Intimidator. The station was pretty empty but there was a four train wait for the front row. As we were standing in line, all of the sudden we heard thunder. They loaded up the next train, but I knew they wouldn't send it out because the ride operators got a phone call to shut the ride down due to the weather.

Harmony Hall for Dinner

Everyone left the station of Intimidator, as did we. It was only about 6 o clock at this point but we figured that we'd get some food and get out of here. By the time we were done eating, the wind, thunder and lightning had picked up to the point where it didn't look like the rides would be opening anytime soon. We packed it up for the day and left. It did cool off as we were leaving and I wish it was like that all day.

Tomorrow is another day...

Tomorrow, we have plans to spend at least 4 hours at Carowinds before heading out to Tennessee. We have a trip to Dollywood planned on Friday and even though the weather looks pretty bad for that day, we'll still be going to the park with hopes that we'll be able to sneak some rides in. If not, we'll see what the park is like and check out some of the shows throughout the day.

Have a great night everyone and thank you for reading!

- Kevin