Carowinds: Visit #4
Date: 6/25/15
By: Kevin Michaels

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Today is our final day at Carowinds Amusement Park and there is an event today; Carowinds Investor Day! We got to the park a little after it had opened, so the gates are a little more crowded than we have seen over the past few days.

Fury 325, a little crowded but not bad

My original plan was to marathon Fury 325 for the day but because of the extreme heat, I just wasn't able to do it. We did get our 5 rides in on Fury 325. Our plan for the day is to stay long enough to get our two free meals with the All Season Dining and get in some rides in between before heading out to Tennessee to visit Dollywood tomorrow!

After our first ride on Fury, the line got a little bit longer so we decided to go to the Jukebox Diner and get our first meal of the day. I had a hot turkey sandwich with cheese on it and they had the fat crinkle cut fries, which was a good change from the same old french fries I've been eating at the parks lately. After lunch, we hit Fury 325 three more times and it was a walk on each time.

Intimidator; 5 minute wait

We took it slow today because either we are just getting worn out from the heat, or it is just worse today. We headed over to Intimidator and got a ride in on that in the front row. It was only a 5 minute wait to get on the ride, but a 4 train wait for the front row. Not bad at all. I spotted Mike Fehnel with the Investors as I headed up to Intimidator and I gave him a shout out. He is such a nice guy and very welcoming and helpful as the General Manager of Carowinds!

As we got seated on Intimidator, we were asked to get back in the line. I had asked the girl if I broke the ride and she said no, someone threw up. Oh, awesome. I didn't notice if they had cleaned the train, but they may have done it while we were sitting in it so they sent it out for a run to dry it off.

Let's fly on the Woodstock Gliders!

We wanted to make sure we got some more rides in on the Woodstock Gliders at Carowinds. This ride is actually a hidden gem at the park. If you're a fan of Flying Scooters, then make sure you get on this ride while you're here because you can get them flying high! We got three rides on them today. Our first ride, I "couldn't get it up." Yeah, sounds like a personal problem and sometimes it is a personal problem. My second and third rides were fun. On my first ride, I had tried shifting my weight back and forth to get the flyer going higher but that didn't work out too well.

Character Carousel

While I was over at the Woodstock Gliders, I had heard the ride operator E.J. that was at the Gliders the other day. He's an entertaining guy and I could hear him across the park. He was working the Character Carousel today, so we rode the Carousel just to hear him in action.

Peanuts Pirates

After the Carousel, we went over to Peanuts Pirates. This is a fun little flat ride for children. I would almost compare it to a controlled tilt a whirl and/or a mini music express. The only thing that stunk about this ride is that it has black leather seats and with how hot it is out, you can imagine how hot the seats were when we sat down!

One last ride; Intimidator

Our last ride of the day is Intimidator before we head out and make our way to Tennessee. I had asked for the back row, but the loader didn't let me go to the very back but instead put us in the second to last row. No big deal, but this roller coaster is much better in the back row. I like Fury 325 the best in the front because the train is much shorter than Intimidator, but Intimidator is more enjoyable in the back!

Harmony Hall and Goodbye...

It turns out that you only have to wait 3 and a half hours at Carowinds to get your second meal of the day so we went to Harmony Hall to eat before we left for the day.

We had an excellent time at Carowinds this week and the four day visit was well worth it. Because of the heat, we didn't want to rush around the park and wear ourselves out trying to get on everything in one day so we extended our visit here to four days at the park. In reality, if you come down to this park for a visit and purchase a Fast Lane, you can get it done all in one day. If you visit during the early part of the week, feel out the park before you waste your money on Fast Lane.

Mike Fenhel, thank you for having us and congratulations on having the World's Tallest & Fastest Giga Coaster at your park. It was an amazing experience and if we can find the time, we will try to get back before the year is over. If not, we'll be back next year. I love the new entrance to the park, the atmosphere and everything. There are a few rides that I could do without such as Nighthawk and Thunder Road but the rest of the park is a hidden gem in the Carolinas. Spread the word, make your way out to Carowinds because Fury 325 is well worth the visit!

Have a great night everyone, thank you for reading! Tomorrow, we will make our very first visit to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

- Kevin