Kings Dominion: Visit #7
Date: 10/3/15
By: Kevin Michaels

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It's a chilly and rainy day and there has been a threat of a Hurricane all week but as of right now it is just a drizzle. This is our 7th visit to Kings Dominion of the season and it is an ACE event called Fall Thrillfest!

Our Yorkie is along for the trip!

We brought our Yorkie Darla along for this trip as Kings Dominion has a Kennel to leave her in for 5 dollars for the entire day! Good deal.

Volcano, morning ERT

Intimidator 305 was to be the morning ERT but we were rerouted to Volcano, most likely because of the rain. By the time we got to Volcano, we were told it was closed but were told Intimidator 305 is open!

Intimidator 305 & Flight of Fear

We did our traditional 10 rides on i305 and then grabbed a quick ride on Flight of Fear. We rode in the front row on Flight of Fear and were the only two people on the train.

Volcano, the Blast Coaster

After Flight of Fear, we headed over to get our drink bottles and then went over to an empty Volcano for a quick ride. We bumped into Double V and got two rides on Volcano in the front row.

Lunch at the picnic grove with ACE

Now it's time for lunch at the picnic grove with ACE. They had salad, green beans, fried chicken and meatball subs. The food was pretty good and while we were eating, they had a raffle and a few auctions. We didn't win anything in the raffle and didn't bother paying a high price for "used" Kings Dominion flags.

Free gun game...

There was a small tournament at the water gun game. I advanced to the second round; Danny made it to the final round but didn't win. We played again with three of us to win a mushroom.

Drop Tower time...

After the game, we headed to the Drop Tower to try to get a ride on it. It started to rain, however we did get our ride on the Drop Tower and got drenched!

Flight of Fear

It started raining pretty hard so we went to get a few rides on Flight of Fear to stay dry.

Anaconda, with a re-ride

There was no one in the station for Anaconda and we got right on and wound up getting a re-ride. Who goes for a re-ride on Anaconda? Only us idiots. Believe it or not, the ride wasn't nearly as bad today as it has been in the past. We were informed earlier that they are closing the park at 6pm so we are trying to get some rides in before the park closes. There were no Haunt attractions tonight.

All Day Drink Refills

Anne Marie had gone out of the park to take care of the dog and I went over to guest services and explained to them that I purchased the cups today so I could get free refills all day but since the park is closing early and the food stands are closed for the most part at the back of the park, we are having a hard time getting refills. They were nice enough to give us 50% back on the drink bottles, which was good.

Grizzly in the rain...

We grabbed a ride on Grizzly in the rain. Not a good ride at all and my hands got dirty from the filthy ride, oozing of dirt in the rain.

Flying Eagles

After Grizzly, we went for a ride on the Flying Eagles. Fun ride, had my Eagle flying pretty high! I still think the Flyers at Carowinds are better, but that's just me.

Terror Tollway

Following the Eagles, we got a new ride credit by getting on the Terror Tollway, which is the classic cars here at Kings Dominion. This ride looks like it could be a neat little ride at night as they revamped it to fit the Halloween Haunt. They do have signs out saying that there are no live actors out there to scare you. I guess they must've had live actors scaring people while they were on the ride in the past and probably got too many complaints about it because it is a children's ride after all.

Drinks at Panda Express

We headed to the front of the park to get drink refills at Panda Express.

Flight of Fear...

We then went to check to see if Intimidator 305 was open, but it wasn't so we grabbed another ride on Flight of Fear.

Intimidator 305 in the Rain!

After Flight of Fear, we peeked over to see if I305 was opened and it was so we went and got even more wet by getting two rides on it.

What next? Volcano!

We noticed that Volcano was running with people on it so we went over and got even more wet by getting two rides on it. This ride really made our feet wet as your feet hang on this inverted coaster. Fun ride, but we stayed out of the front row. Danny made the mistake of getting in the front row for his first ride as that is where you absorb the most water on a rainy day like this.

Callin' it a night

It was almost 6pm and it was a downpour so we decided to head out of the park and call it a night. I figured that if we could find a food place open, we would grab some food to take out of the park with us but none of the food places were open that accepted the All Season Dining Plan. We actually filled up enough during the ACE lunch this morning from 11:30 to 12:30pm that we weren't even hungry but we would have taken the food just so we had it at the hotel to eat. That's right, we didn't even use our dining plans here at the park today. Even though it was a chilly (actually wasn't that cold out) rainy day, we had a great time at the park. We got plenty of rides in and if it was nice out today, it would have taken us all day to get in the rides that we got in for the short period of time we were there today.

We love Kings Dominion and will not be back here until 2016. This year, we came for opening weekend in March but it remains to be seen when we will return in 2016. It all depends on what all of the opening dates are for the parks next year!

Have a great night everyone and thank you for reading. Tomorrow, we will be driving home from the hotel in Virginia and who knows, if we get home early enough maybe we'll make a stop at Great Adventure. Also maybe not...

- Kevin