Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #62
Date: 10/4/14
By: Kevin Michaels

Click here for photos from 10/4/15!

We woke up in Virginia this morning near Kings Dominion. Yesterday, we spent a portion of the day at Kings Dominion in the rain, getting a lot of good rides in. We had no intention to visit the park today because the last time we did that on a Sunday, the drive home turned into a nightmare. After leaving early enough to get home at 12:30pm, we quickly unloaded the car and hopped right back in the car to head out to Jackson.

Main goal? Free food!

After the 4 and a half hour drive home from Virginia, you build up an appetite so our main goal is to eat, maybe get a ride or two in, grab dinner and head home to rest up for work tomorrow morning!

Kickin' Chicken for Lunch

We headed right to Kickin' Chicken to get some wings for lunch. We are still able to get two lunches and two dinners and two snacks each, using our 2015 and 2016 dining passes, which is good because that means more wings for us! After lunch, the sun came out and it warmed up a little bit outside.

Kingda Ka, walk on, or not...

After lunch, we went over to Kingda Ka and there was absolutely no line. When we got in the station, Danny had hopped on the train in the back row but the ride went down. It was only down for a few minutes and it was a 3 train wait for row 2 as a V.I.P. group boarded a train. Up and down, up and down, we waited more than an hour for our one ride on Ka. We rode 2nd row on the green train and it was brutal. We were going to ride again but the ride went down again.

Snack, dinner and that's all...

We then grabbed our snacks, dinner from Kickin' Chicken and called it a day. The park was totally empty and we made the mistake of waiting on line for Kingda Ka just for one ride while the entire park was a walk on for all rides. The skies cleared up and the sun came out as we were leaving the park. Today would have been a great day to be here for opening until about 4 and hit most of the rides and leave but we wasted all that time at Kingda Ka. Oh well.

That's it for today. This coming weekend, we are taking our last long trip of the season down to Carowinds for Columbus Day Weekend. Have a great night everyone, thank you for reading!

- Kevin