Casino Pier: Visit #1
Date: 9/13/15
By: Kevin Michaels

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It has been years since I have been to Seaside Boardwalk, I've maybe made one trip after Hurricane Sandy and after the fire to see what was left of the place, but that's about it. There is only one pier here left with rides on it and I have to say, while there doesn't look like there is much left to do here in terms of rides, the place is really cleaned up.

Seaside Hangover IV

We are here for an ACE Event called Seaside Hangover IV, and this is the aftermath of Riding of the Bull at Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday. It is only 20 dollars a person, which gives us all day rides, one ride on the Go Karts, a ride on the Sky Ride and I believe access to the water park, which we don't do anyway.

It is hard for many long time fans of the Seaside Boardwalk to come here and see what it has become after the storm and the fire, but I'm not going to lie; I have no emotional attachment to this place. As a kid, our trips were down to Morey's Piers down in Wildwood and if that were to go, then I would feel it. Seaside is not a place I would ever have called home.

Shore Shot, first ride of the day

Our first ride of the day as a part of ERT was the Shore Shot, which is a typical S&S Space Shot ride but a new addition to Casino Pier.

Bumper Cars

We followed the crew and headed to the Bumper Cars. I didn't expect much out of these Bumper Cars but they were actually very good! Way better than the set of Bumper Cars at Great Adventure.

Pirate's Hideaway, kiddie coaster

This is a small kiddie coaster here at Casino Pier and it was a part of today's ERT. Just like any other kiddie coaster, this one does throw you around a little bit.

Hot Tomales, for the credit

This is another kiddie coaster, actually even smaller. It sounds like this one normally goes around the track 3 times per cycle but it actually went around 5 times before the ride finished. It was a very smooth ride and didn't throw us around at all, but it also didn't go very fast at all either.

Bumper Cars again...

These can be real brutal if you hit someone in the right spot.

Shore Shot, Space Shot

We got one more ride in on the Shore Shot Space Shot ride and you do get a lot of airtime on this ride but what I don't like about it is the fact that you hit your shoulders pretty hard on the top of the harness if you are a larger rider.

Go Kart Time!!

Included in our ACE wristband today is a race on the Go Karts, so tha's where we headed next. It was a pretty dull and boring race as we were the only three on the track. I swear I couldn't see Danny at all during the race but he claims he was up my ass during the entire race. Maybe that's why I couldn't see him?

Three Brothers for Lunch

After the Go Karts, we went over to Three Brothers Pizza for Lunch. The pizza here is very good but it is very big and very greasy.

Air Race, inverted ride

After lunch, we headed to the Air Race ride. I went on one of these at Coney Island. It isn't nearly as bad as it looks.

Moby Dick...

I opted not to go on Moby Dick, but let Anne Marie go ride it. I do enjoy this ride but it did a number on me when I rode it at Keansburg.

Sky Scraper, included with ACE

As an added bonus, Casino Pier included a ride on the Sky Scraper with our 20 dollar admission today. It looked like some bad weather could be rolling in so we grabbed our ride on the Sky Scraper now before they closed it. This was a good version of the ride, but it wasn't as good as the one at Cedar Point. This particular one had a shoulder harness, the one at Cedar Point has straps only, making it feel like a much scarier ride experience. In checking the price for the Sky Scraper here at Casino Pier, it was 20 dollars a person. It looks like our admission to today's ACE event paid for that one, making it well worth the visit.

Tilt a Whirl

Before we headed out for the day, we grabbed a ride on the Tilt a Whirl, which is always a classic at theme parks and boardwalks. I wish our home park still had a Tilt a Whirl!

Calling it a day...

That was it for today. It was a nice relaxing day at Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ and obviously I am feeling much better as I've been able to get on several rides today. This coming weekend, we will be visiting Dorney Park on Saturday as they begin their Halloween Haunt and we will be back at Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday!

Have a great night everyone and thank you for reading!

- Kevin