Dorney Park: Visit #5
Date: 9/19/15
By: Kevin Michaels

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Are you ready for Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park?? The Haunts here at the park began last night for the season, but we are here all day today for the rides and the Haunt, it should be a blast. While we are approaching fall, summer weather is still here as it is set to be 85 degrees and sunny today. That is a perfect day for a theme park, but not a perfect day for me. Bring on the brisk fall mornings, I cannot wait!

Park opens at 11am

We arrived to the park around 10:30am and got a good spot in the parking lot and then got in the line of people waiting to get into the park. For Halloween Haunt, the park opens at 11am but will remain open until midnight! I don't know if I will make it all the way until midnight as I have a 2 hour drive home, but I will try my hardest. It actually depends on how long the lines get for the Haunts. If they become unbearable, then I'll call it a night otherwise I will stick it out. Either way, my goal is to peel myself out of bed tomorrow to head to Six Flags Great Adventure!

First order of business, drinks!

If you have a 2015 sports bottle, you can recharge them for the day to get unlimited refills at the park. Only 3 of the 5 Cedar Fair Parks do this that I have been to, they are Dorney, Cedar Point and Kings Island. Prices vary from park to park but if you have a Platinum Pass, it will get you a discount at Dorney.

Screamin' Swing up first

This is an up charge attraction, but it is only two dollars and with your Platinum Pass, it is buy one, get one free. Love this ride, up charge or not, it is a very fun ride.

Wild Mouse, before it gets a line

We decided not to go to Talon yet, but instead to the Wild Mouse before it gets a line. With the music in the station, shouldn't this ride be called the Wild Mizouse? These Wild Mouse rides really like to kick your ass, don't they?

Talon, Grip of Fear

Dorney is such a great place to be because of the minimal lines. We headed to Talon now and while there was about a 4 train wait for the front row, we lucked out and walked right on with two other riders. This is such a sexier and smoother and much quieter ride than Batman at Six Flags.

Waveswinger up next

Normally, we would be getting on Hangtime next but since that was removed from the park, we will get on the Waveswinger next. It isn't even noon and the sun is beating strong as it gets a bit hot out here at Dorney.

Meteor, let's flip out

Next in line was Meteor. This is a flat ride that I've always been a fan of. It is a very similar feeling to riding El Diablo at Six Flags Great Adventure, but this is not a coaster. Meteor had a one cycle wait to get on and we were first in line so we had the pick of the litter when it came to picking seats. This ride has two lines but the sheep behind us all lined up behind us, ignoring the second line.

Hydra the Revenge

This is a floorless B&M coaster at Dorney. It isn't as high or as fast as the other floorless coasters, but it is a lot quieter. I don't know if it's just me, but the B&M's here at Dorney seem much more quiet than they already were, which is a very good thing. Who wants to walk around hearing the load roar of a coaster, especially if you are trying to hold a conversation? We had to wait a few extra minutes to get on the ride as someone had an accident or threw up because they were cleaning seats in the front row. Hydra ran the same as usual, not a bad ride but all the other floorless coasters have it beat!

Enterprise, Tilt a Whirl & Musik Express, why not?

Next in line is the Enterprise, and why not? I have always been a fan of flat rides and just because I've become a coaster enthusiast, I will never forget where it all began for me and that is on the flat rides! We also hit the Tilt a Whirl, Musik Express, Apollo and Sea Dragon while we were in the area.

Chickie's and Pete's for Lunch

After the Sea Dragon, we decided it was time to get some lunch. Why not eat at Chickie's and Pete's right outside the ride? I'm glad we finally tried the food here as it is really good and our dining plan works here as well.

Possessed, still don't fit the test seat

We decided to start hitting the rest of the coasters to make sure we get on them before we hit some more flat rides and other stuff. We went over to Possessed and I tried the test seat that I've never been able to fit in and today was no different. I do however fit on the ride. Standing in line and watching people's reactions to Possessed in action was pretty amusing. I guess we wound up with a group of people who have never been on this ride before.

Stinger is up next

Possessed was pretty much a walk on with a two train wait for the front row. Stinger on the other hand had a little bit of a line. Not too bad as they had a loader allowing people into the station. So here I am, next in line for Stinger and I usually take a video clip of the train leaving the station and the two female ride operators start yelling at me because I am not allowed to take pictures. Hello? As many times as I've come here, you are going to make up new rules of no photos in the station? I seem to remember someone going gung ho like this on me last year at Steel Force. I was not on the ride, the parks often encourage you to take a video of your day at the park to win a trip or something of that nature. Learn the rules before you start yelling like an asshole. I made sure that I let the ride supervisors know about this.

Revolution, love/hate relationship

I usually have a love/hate relationship with this ride as sometimes I fit and sometimes I don't. Today, I fit without a problem but that's probably because I lost a little bit of weight when I was sick. All good now, back to riding full force! It was good to see our friend Ross at Revolution and our friend Stef at Possessed!

Steel Force, 4 train wait for front

There wasn't much of a line for Steel Force but there was a 4 train wait for the front row and we waited. The ride operators were having a lot of fun as they were getting the guests to yell "Woooo" along with them. Ross popped up here as well and we talked with him for a few minutes before we got on the ride. I had said to him, you aren't going to yell at me for taking a video clip of the train coming into the station, are you? Steel Force is such a great ride and while I don't recommend doing this, it is a much better ride without the seatbelt on. This ride puts Magnum XL-200 to shame.

Thunderhawk, 1 train operation

Next up was Thunderhawk, which didn't have much of a line but it wound up being a 15-20 minute wait for the front row as they were only running one train as usual. We had to wait a couple extra minutes as they decided to load the second train onto the track, which is a good thing!

Joined by our friends the Violas!

As we were waiting in line for Thunderhawk, our friends the Violas joined us! It is always great to see them and they should be nice and happy as always especially since they just came back from their trip from Disney World!

Thunderhawk is still a brutal ride, very painful from start to finish!

Steel Force, Stinger, Possessed...

After meeting with the Violas, we got on Steel Force, Stinger and Possessed before parting ways for a little bit while me and Anne Marie took some time to stop and eat.

Chickie's and Pete's for Dinner

I know we had lunch here already, but why not eat here again for dinner? The food is good and it is a very nice change from the typical park food. There was a bit of a line for food orders as people are looking to grab food before the Haunts begin at 7pm.

Halloween Haunt

It's Haunt Time, here are the Haunts we chose to do...

Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum
Trick or Treat

The new Haunt, Trick or Treat was good but it was a little too short for my liking. Thankfully, the wait time for the attraction wasn't very long at all. We waited about 15-20 minutes for Trick or Treat.

The crowds at the park for the entire day weren't too bad at all. It did get a little crowded at one point and we did wait a long time for the Wax Museum, but other than that we had a great day at Dorney Park!

Steel Force, night ride

After the last Haunt for the night, we grabbed a night ride on Steel Force!

At this point, we called it a night and headed out. We stayed at the park a lot later than I thought we would. Tomorrow morning, we will be headed out to Six Flags Great Adventure! I am considering making a return visit to Dorney Park this coming Friday evening, but that is unconfirmed as of right now! Have a great night and thank you for reading!

- Kevin