Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #59
Date: 9/20/15
By: Kevin Michaels

Click here for photos from 9/20/15!

It's Sunday morning and we headed out to Six Flags Great Adventure for a few hours! Yesterday was an extremely long day at Dorney Park but it was fun and well worth it!

Park opens at 11am

Now that we are in Fright Fest hours, the park doesn't open until 11am. Saturday nights, Great Adventure stays open until almost midnight and closes at 10pm on Sundays. The park will not be open on Friday nights until October 2nd. Check the website or the Six Flags App for all of the updated park hours.

Discover Card Entrance...

Because all of the regular Season Pass lines had a long line, I went over to the Discover Entrance and the line was just as long. Wait, this many people have a Discover Card and are using the Discover Entrance? I find that hard to believe because this line is usually empty. I must have picked the worst line to get in the park today as it was a very slow moving experience getting into the park.

Batman Backwards; Namtab

Our first order of business is Batman Backwards. Because this is a one train operation, our best bet is to get this one out of the way first. Batman Backwards will be running until the end of September. We heard the wait time for this ride yesterday was extremely long, up to 2 and a half hours, but that is due to the one train operation. The other train was shipped out of the park already back to Georgia.

Nitro is up next

This side of the park is extremely quiet as everyone probably headed over to the Kingda Ka side of the park either for Kingda Ka or El Toro or even Season Pass Processing. For Nitro, the station was empty but there was a 2 train wait for the front row so we waited. The wait wasn't long at all as they had all three trains on the track.

We got the Big Noodle

Incase you missed it, we have the Big Noodle. It is situated right outside the Bumper Cars. It is pretty amusing to see people's reaction to the Big Noodle and the questions that go with it. Why is it here, how long is it staying? One would think that it's an advertisement for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and while it may make you want Mac n Cheese, there is no direct advertisement on the Noodle itself.

Sky Screamer, 1 cycle wait

On our way to the other side of the park, we made a stop at the Sky Screamer. It was only a one cycle wait for the ride, which shows that any crowds that are here today must be on the other side of the park.

Kickin' Chicken for Lunch

It was 12 noon so we headed over to Kickin' Chicken for some lunch. Right after that, we used our snack to get an ice cream cone.

Kingda Ka, 50 minute wait

Next in line was Kingda Ka which had a 50 minute wait. We got one ride in on the front row. I don't know what it is, but this ride hurt my ears today. Must have been the way the wind was hitting them.

Green Lantern with Leah

After Kingda Ka we bumped into our friend Leah and her husband and got a ride on Green Lantern with her. It was only about a 20 minute wait and we waited the extra few minutes for the front row.

And the Tea Cups...

Leah wanted to get on the Tea Cups so we joined her for a ride on the classic Tea Cups. It has been a while since we have been on the Tea Cups here at Six Flags Great Adventure. What a dizzying experience!

Back to Nitro...

We headed back to the other side of the park to get another ride in on Nitro. On our way over there, we bumped into our friends Mike and Becky and they joined us for our ride on Nitro.

Calling it a day...

Around 4pm, we decided to call it a day. The park wasn't all that crowded, but we have to get up for work early tomorrow. The weather was really nice but it did feel a little warm toward the end of the day.

If we feel up to it, we will make a trip out to Dorney Park on Friday night but we will be spending next Saturday and Sunday here at Six Flags Great Adventure!

Have a great night everyone and thank you for reading!

- Kevin