Dorney Park: Visit #6
Date: 9/25/15
By: Kevin Michaels

Click here for photos from 9/25/15!

It's Friday and Six Flags Great Adventure isn't open so we decided to venture out to Dorney Park for our 6th visit of the season.

Meeting with Friends?

Sheri, her husband, Danny, Vincent and his son are all expected to be here tonight for Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park.

Metal detectors at entrance

As we walked into the park tonight, they were scanning all guests entering the park with the metal detector wands.

Talon up first...

We tried to get some food when we got into the park but the places weren't open yet so we headed to Talon first.

Amore Pizza for our first meal...

We are going to try to milk to meals out of the park tonight and we headed to Amore Pizza for our first meal. The pizza wasn't bad but the breadsticks were horrible!

Coasters w Sheri, Uppy n crew

We finally met our Facebook friend Sheri and her husband Mike for the first time. We are always close to meeting each other at a park but always miss each other by a day or so. This time, we finally arranged to meet. We rode Hydra, which was very smooth tonight. Thunderhawk, we got on the second row and it wasn't that bad because we didn't sit on a seat with a wheel underneath it. Steel Force, we rode the front row and of course I took my seatbelt off and got an amazing amount of airtime.

Halloween Haunt time...

Sheri and Mike don't bother with the Halloween Haunts, so they went on their way to ride some coasters as me, both Vinny's and both Danny's and Anne Marie did some Haunts.

The Haunts we chose were...

Trick or Treat
Haunted Mansion

Possessed, no line...

As we walked past Possessed, we noticed there was no line so we went to grab a quick ride on it.

Chickie's and Pete's for dinner

After we did the Haunted Mansion, we headed to Chickie's and Pete's for our second meal of the night. This was our last stop for the night as we have a long drive home and plan to get up to head to Six Flags Great Adventure tomorrow!

Have a great night everyone, thank you for reading!

- Kevin