Six Flags Great Adventure: Visit #61
Date: 9/27/15
By: Kevin Michaels

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Happy Sunday, everyone! We are back at Six Flags Great Adventure for a few hours. It is chilly, cloudy and windy out this morning. Hopefully the sun peeks out for a little while to bring some warmth to this place today.

Batman Backwards first

We met up with C.J. and went to Batman Backwards first. Good ride, but much better at night.

The Dark Knight Coaster

After Batman, we grabbed a ride on the Dark Knight and they were nice enough to let us skip the pre-show.

Nitro, walk on

As we approached Nitro, we noticed the ride was stopped on the lift and they had sent a worker up because someone had their phone out. We got two rides on Nitro without having to get off.

Skull Mountain and Skyway...

We then grabbed a ride on Skull Mountain and then hopped on the Skyway for a ride to the other side of the park.

Runaway Mine Train

We have only been here for one hour and we did all of these rides, Mine Train included. Either we are working the park in the right direction or it isn't crowded at all.

Bizarro, walk on

Bizarro had no line but they were stacking trains as always. We noticed a bunch of little green stars on the ground around the ride and trash all over the ground at the exit of the ride that was clearly from yesterday. I guess the clean up crew was asleep at the switch.

El Toro, no wait

Before lunch, we headed over to El Toro, which had no wait. We rode toward the front of the train. I did not enjoy my ride on El Toro at all today. We sat in row 6 and it was a pretty rough ride.

Kickin' Chicken for Lunch

After El Toro, we went over to Kickin' Chicken and got two meals each, using our 2015 dining pass and our 2016 dining pass. Team Fat Ass has to eat!

Zumanjaro, 15 minute wait

We headed in the direction of Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro and noticed that Kingda Ka was closed but we went to Zumanjaro figuring Kingda Ka would be open by the time we came off of Zumanjaro.

Kingda Ka is open, no line

After Zumanjaro, we headed to Kingda Ka which opened up as we walked to Zumanjaro. We got on in the first three rows and the ride broke down right when we came back into the station. Kingda Ka does not do well in the cooler weather and this is an example of why Kingda Ka will not be ran during Holiday In The Park!

Snack time!!

We went over to the boardwalk to use our meal plan to get some ice cream cones as a snack.

Superman: Ultimate Flight

Next in line was Superman: Ultimate Flight, which had about a 15 minute wait. This isn't a bad ride but it would be much better without the pretzel loop!

Green Lantern

Next, we headed over to Green Lantern which had a little bit of a line but not too bad. They had the front row of one of the trains closed off, which caused for longer waits overall. We got on in the second row and it wasn't a very good ride at all, very bumpy. The funny thing was when we came back into the station there was a bird of some sorts sitting on the bin in the operator's booth. I actually thought it was fake until it started moving!

Kickin' Chicken to Go...

To finish off the day, we used our dinners to grab Kickin' Chicken to take home with us. We were told by a worker at the park that the times for the dining plans have been changed and extended until 9:30pm. I don't know if this is permanent or just for Fright Fest, but the workers were told about this at the morning meetings.

That's all for today, it's time to head home. We won't be back at Great Adventure until October 16th. This coming weekend, we will be at Kings Dominion and the following weekend, we will be at Carowinds. Have a great night everyone, thank you for reading!

- Kevin