As you know, me and Anne Marie got married on September 21, 2013 and our Honeymoon destination was Disney World and Universal Studios. We took almost two weeks off from work and spent 12 days down in Florida. Six of those days were spent at Walt Disney World parks and four of them were spent at Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure along with Halloween Horror nights.

For those of you who don't know, we've frequented Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey during the entire season of 2013. Being that we've visited the park so much, people got to know us and they knew that we were getting married. Of course, when you hear that someone is getting married you always ask, "Where's the Honeymoon?" Once we told people that it was at Disney and Universal, their response was "figures."

The year 2013 became our year to become "Theme Park Maniacs" and while we've hit so many parks throughout the spring and summer season, we decided to start off the fall season with Disney and Universal. Universal is actually broken up into two parks. You have Universal Studios, which features all the movie rides and one out door roller coaster called the Hollywood Rip Rock It. On the other side is Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Islands of Adventure is the park that everyone told me that I would enjoy the most out of my trip to Florida and while that is probably true, we had a really good time at all of the parks we visited during our Honeymoon! Islands of Adventure was more of a thrill park while Universal had all of the movie rides which we really enjoyed because of all the special effects involved.