Ravine Flyer II is a hybrid wooden roller coaster located at Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, manufactured by the Gravity Group. Ravine Flyer II is a favorite among coaster enthusiasts here at Waldameer Park!

This wooden roller coaster took the place of the park's old Ravine Flyer that was removed in 1938 after a tragedy resulting in a man's death. Ravine Flyer II emulates the course of the original Ravine Flyer.


The ride review...

While Ravine Flyer II is a favorite among coaster enthusiasts all over the world, I honestly didn't think it was all it was cracked up to be. I still hear very good things about the Ravine Flyer II and while it is a good wooden roller coaster, I have been on many that are better than this particular one here at Waldameer Park.


Ravine Flyer II has a total of two trains in operation, each of which can hold up to 24 riders each. There are a total of 12 rows per train, seating two across.


Year Opened; 2008
Height; 85 feet
Drop; 120 feet
Inversions; 0
Speed; 60 MPH
Track Length; 2,900 feet
Ride Length; 1m 30s
Trains; 2, 12 rows of 2, 24 persons per train
Height restriction; 48 inches
Lift; Chain Lift Hill
Type; Wood
Designer; The Gravity Group
Manufacturer; The Gravity Group