Ravine Flyer III is a kiddie coaster at Waldameer Park, manufactured by E&F Miler Industries! This is a steel roller coaster at the park that is uniquely situated over a small body of water.

Ravine Flyer III was installed at the park 8 years before Ravine Flyer II as the 2nd Ravine Flyer had been in the works for quite some time. While this is a kiddie coaster at the park, adults are allowed to ride the roller coaster.


The ride review...

Ravine Flyer III is just like any other children's roller coaster, however the scenery is nice to look at as the ride is situated over water. This is a great ride for kids but may be a little rough for adults.


Ravine Flyer III has only one train in operation and the train can hold up to 12 riders at a time with 6 rows of 2.