Steel Dragon is a steel roller coaster located at Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania manufactured by Maurer Sohne. This coaster opened up in 2004 and it will bring you up a chain lift hill to a height of 51 feet at top speeds of 37.3 MPH. As the ride is in motion, the car will spin around! Can you handle the motion of this steel coaster?


The ride review...

I have always been a fan of spinning roller coasters and this one is no different as it is a very fun experience. The only downside to this ride is that it is situated in a bad area and smelled of manure during the ride. The combination of the spinning and the smell is not for those with a weak stomach!


Steel Dragon has a total of 8 cars. Each of the cars can hold up to 4 riders each as riders are seated on the outside, facing the outside of the ride.


Year Opened; 2004
Height; 51 feet
Inversions; 0
Speed; 37.3 MPH
Track Length; 1,391 feet
Ride Length; 1m 24s
Trains; 8, 2 rows of 2, 4 persons per train
Height restriction; 46 inches
Lift; Chain Lift Hill
Type; Steel -- Spinning
Manufacturer; Maurer Sohne